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First failure today and feeling awful!

After a week off for a three day hike, I ran W5R1 on Tues and managed it though I felt rough with a cold. Anyway, I thought about doing it again today but decided that two lots of 8 mins didn't seem too bad so I set off on W5R2 armed with clean tissues up both sleeves.

The first eight minutes wasn't too bad. The sun was shining and I was telling myself there was a whole five minutes to get my breath back. My chest was purring like a cat and blowing my nose was messing up my breathing but I thought I'd be ok.

The 5 min walk arrived and I just couldn't recover my breathing and as time ticked on I started to panic that I wouldn't be able to do the second run. Time up and I started jogging but I didn't believe I would get through so I set a target to try to make the end of the road and see how I felt. Bad move!

Just as I got to the corner Laura said I had reached half way and there was 4 mins to go. It felt like a switch had been turned off and I couldn't run another step.

I walked all the way home, wondering whether mind or body had defeated me, and now I sitting here feeling very sorry for myself. I could do with some words of encouragement about now my friends and some advice about whether I should start week 5 again. Right now that 20 min run seems very far away.

Sorry for the moan and hope you all had a better run than me today.

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Hey, NoMoreKebabs (great name!!) here is a massive huggggggg coming your way...... You gave it your best shot and I'm not sure I'd have been so dedicated if I'd been feeling rough like you. You have done so well to get this far, and further you will go!! For now I think I would rest up till you feel a bit better in yourself - I know the received wisdom is that it's OK to run with a cold, but at this stage we are all pushing ourselves hard enough without that added strain. Maybe do a couple of walks (walk out some new running routes maybe?) and yes, I'd go back just to the beginning of week 5 when you start again. You need your head to be in a good place ready for week 5 r3 so go back and 'take a run at it' as it were! But you will do it, and (unless your cold gets worse or develops into flu or something) I'll wager you'll have done it by the end of next week. The important thing is to look forward, not back (unless it's to gloat over how far you've come!).

I've said this several times on here so please forgive me if you're bored of hearing it, but I had an enforced 4 week break after week 5 r2 due to a chest infection. I just went back to the beginning of week 5 when I resumed and it was fine. And you will be fine - juicy says!! :-) :-) :-)


Hug from me too. It's inevitable there'll be some times when the run just doesn't go as planned. I've had times when I've had to take a break (sore knees), had to do the run in two halves (rotten cold) or just couldn't get into my stride (blamed it on the cold weather, but my heart wasn't in it). Now might be the time to pamper yourself a bit (square of chocolate helps for me) Hot steamy bath? Snuggle down with a good book? Before you know it you'll be up and running again with w5 done and dusted.


Thanks juicydee that's given me a boost. I am feeling better now after hugs from my children and some hot soup they made for me. I didn't think they cared until just now but they told me how proud they are and that I shouldn't be running with a cold.

I will go out on Saturday and start at W5R1. As you say, it will put me in a better frame of mind. I was much more comfortable repeating the same run three times and feeling it get easier - this week 5 has thrown the cat among the pigeons a bit.

Thanks for your support!


Try not to think of it as a failure, you managed to run for about twelve minutes in total despite having a cold and that's brilliant! Just think how much further that is than you could have done a couple of months ago. I know it's a shame you couldn't finish the run, but you should still feel good about making it as far as you did :)

I agree with juicy that you're probably best having another go at week 5 once you're feeling better; it will no doubt seem a lot less challenging when you're not full of a cold and can breathe more easily.


I started week 6 yesterday and also had an awful run, before going out I think I got a bit cocky thinking 'I've run for 20 mins this will be easy' however I was very wrong. The whole run I thought I was going to die whih has too knocked my confidence. But like u I was feeling a bit run down, got a stupid cough and I think it's been making me feel worse than what I thought. So not sure what to do myself now, not due to run till tomorrow and I'm not sure if my post helps but just wanted to let u know that ur not on ur own cause I feel the same at the moment, but we must and will continue with the programme and will finish!! Must stay positive :o)


And thanks to you too Beckipeg. I've started to follow Doug's blog and that's giving me a boost too. Things were just going to well - I was bound to get a reality check sooner or later. Upwards and onwards then!


I think if I felt as rough as you did I would have just pulled the quilt over my head and not even bothered! The fact that you did and managed 12 minutes speaks volumes for your determination! Well done for even getting that far!

We all have days when we feel we can't manage it even when we're fit and well so I wouldn't beat yourself up too much about it! Treat it as a minor setback, play up to the sympathy, stuff yourself silly with all things bad for you and then go back and do it again when you feel better! There are no rules set in stone that say you have to finish the program in 9 weeks exactly! Take heart in the fact that you've come this far. You'll get back to it and it will feel great! :-)


Yes, make sure that you are quite well before you go out again or you will suffer, especially if you get a cough.

I had to have a week off at the begining of week 7 as I had a cold and cough and felt just dreadful. Knew I was coming down with something but insisted on going out despite that and shouldn't have done.

You will get back into it no problem and then might find it easier than you thought.

Hope you feel better soon - try Kings Ginger for a cold - it makes you sleep :)


What's Kings Ginger ?


Google it and all will be apparent! It is a ginger liqueur that is made by Berry Brothers.

Very delicious and fiery but very strong. Great for a cold and lots of other ailments :) Yum yum yum...


Sorry to hear of your bad run. But don't be so hard on yourself. You clearly had a reason for not doing so well, you've been ill and are not yet 100 per cent recovered. Give yourself some TLC, then go out and try again. You've come so far already. You will get there x


This isn't your first failure its your first bad run!! we all get them and a bit later we go out and try again, Rest, recuperate and give it another go when you feel better. What great kids, hot soup and some TLC - you lucky thing!!


Take care of yourself, well done for doing what you did, there's some great advice here. Big hugs from me xxx


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