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I ran 6.2.........................miles tonight!

By my estimation, that'll be 10K :-D Was so tired and 'weak' after being up with no. 2 daughter so often last night, that I actually wanted to go to bed this evening but thought I'd go for a gentle trot rather than miss my run night... So, I started gently, and almost immediately felt 'Ah, that's better' as I started moving. I continued gently and ran and ran and ran! My legs were feeling it towards the end but still had strength and my breathing was great! Lungs could have just gone on and on! I love running :-D

Hope everyone else is having fun out there :-)


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Brilliant! Those unplanned runs are the best :)


It's fantastic when that happens.

I went to work this morning after a swift 5K and couldn't feel the usual gentle burn in the leg muscles, in fact I can't really remember the run. I think I just zoned out in my own little world.

Looking forward to Bank Holiday Monday so I can push out a 10K :)

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