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Headbands and visors

With the gorgeous weather of the last couple of weeks, the 13c for Saturdays parkrun was the warmest temperature I've run in. In the week I'm out before 6am, so even when I started C25K at the end of August it wasn't getting that warm.

Needless to say I sweated like the proverbial. Which is normal for me. But as I was wiping sweat from my eyes for the umptieth time, I started thinking that maybe I need something to keep the sweat from my eyes in the first place.

I did manage to find a running cap that fits me (just - seem to have a large head) last week, but I'm dubious about running in a full cap when it's hot.

A headband is probably in order, even thought there's the risk of looking like an extra from a 118 118 ad!

Possibly also a visor, to combine the headband-ness with the peak of a cap to keep the sun out.

Have read good things about Halo headbands, although I'm a bit dubious about whether they're suitable for my (seemingly) enormous head (and I've yet to receive a reply to the email I sent to them asking). Likewise any other brands.

Does anyone, especially chaps with massive noggins like myself, have any experience or recommendations?

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I'll watch this post with interest. I've got zero experience in headbands, but I can see that a visor could be very useful.


I have a normal-sized head, but it sweats like nobody's business. I've always just stuck to the ballcap which seems to collect sweat just fine. I also have dark hair so a lighter coloured cap seems cooler than running without.


I looked at Halo headbands too but eventually went with a couple of headbands from Lululemon. One is better than the other one but they do the job of keeping sweat off my face. A bit girlie for a guy but they do mens stuff too so maybe worth a look.

But I am going to invest in a visor as well for the summer as I've been running on holiday in the sun and realised that a visor is essential for keeping the sun off your face. It would have to be light in weight and not too tight on my head so I'm planning on trying them on first!

I'll be interested to see what others suggest.


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have a look at Lululemon.

I haven't yet found any shops nearby with visors in to try. Fairly sure SportsDirect didn't have any.

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong section. Perhaps they'd be with the Tennis or Golf stuff.


I looked at the golf ones but they seemed too heavy somehow. Have you tried Amazon or any of the online sports shops?


Oh yes there are lots available from Amazon, even more from but because of the size issue I want to try and avoid ordering, trying, and returning if too small.

Hence asking if anyone had any recommendations. If it comes to it I'll take a punt.

Either on a Halo Sport or Race visor, or a Headsweats one (my cap is from them and just about fits).

Another possibility is a SweatVac, but I'd have to order that from the states.


As an update, I now own 4 items of running headwear.

The first is a Headsweats Race cap in white/grey (the cap I mention in my original post). I've done a few runs in that now and it does a good job of keeping the sweat out of my eyes and surprisingly doesn't make my head as hot as I thought it would.

I've since gotten another of those caps but in all white as a backup/alternative.

I also ordered a Halo Sport Visor (Royal Blue) which does just about fit, with about half an inch of Velcro adjustment left.

The last one is a SweatVac Performance Race Visor I ordered from It was a bit of a shot in the dark but it arrived from the US in a week (was quoted 2-4 weeks when ordering) and seems a really nice item. The adjustment is courtesy of an adjustable elastic band. I have gotten it adjusted for my massive head with still a good 2 inches of adjustment room left. It was also only about £15 including shipping (cheapest of the 4).

I've not tried either of the visors on a run yet - will likely try them both this week.

From fit and "hold in the hand" feel my favourite is the SweatVac, so I'm keen to see how well it keeps the sweat away.


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