Being vocal when running - oops!

So today I embarrassed myself when out for my run today. I often do, but this time I really excelled myself.

I've just started the 10K training plan (week 1, run 3) and was struggling with the last 3 minutes of my run, so put on my 'motivational' music to keep me going ... except the app decided to turn itself off at this crucial juncture. I was running behind a hedge thing at the time so forgot there might be other people around, and I started yelling: "No! No! No! Noooooo!".

As I emerged from behind the hedge, a young couple were staring in my direction. Taking pity on my beetroot face, they started shouting: "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" and pumping their fists. I had to explain that even though I looked like I was about to keel over and die, I was just annoyed with my music. Luckily they laughed... and I thanked them for their kind support!

I also had an elderly man give me the thumbs-up today as I staggered past drenched with sweat!

It was fun though...


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24 Replies

  • The things we do while running........

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I shall! And keep amusing random bypassers! ;-)

  • This made me laugh out loud!

    What a great support crew!

    I am inclined to forget That my headphones don't stop people hearing me singing along.

    As I can hardly breathe most of the time not such an issue, but every now and then the odd words pop out to scare the local dog walkers.

  • I also sing aloud! Particularly when I am getting tired. Glad to hear you do it too, Docmum!

  • Although I don't follow a running app, when I embark upon a run where everything is out of sorts, I'll occasionally allow grunts of self-encouragement to expel themselves (I don't care how loud they are), since there's absolutely no chance that I'm turning back.

    Granted, those occurrences may be few and far between, but don't allow the occasional outcry to deter you from continuing to run.

    After all, as fellow runners, we understand your sense of frustration, regardless of its cause.

  • Oh, no danger of that! I talk to myself at the best of times ... ;-)

  • Haha that's funny 😂😂😂

  • Lol, fantastic

  • I'm another running singer ;) . I have also on occasion been spotted waving my arms around in time to a favourite track, which can't help my running form too much, lol. But it cheers me along. X

  • Yes, I do that too! So glad to hear there are others out there... wouldn't it be funny if we were all running on the same route!

  • Good for you for having the breath to sing whilst you're running.

    Tacking my brains now to think of a song with 'no no no no' in then, have the line and music in my head but can't get the rest of the song!

  • I'll just have to make one up! ;-)

  • Bohemian rhapsody has no, no, no, no,in it 😃 Bit fast though 😜

  • I reckon if I start to sing in falsetto, I might get some worried looks!

  • 🎵No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no there's no limit🎵

    Don't no (sic) who its by though😉

  • I wouldn't worry 😃 I love Footlose and and Land of a Thousand Dances, and regularly freak out to those whilst out on my runs. Whatever makes the run more fun is ok by me. It's better than medicine 😃✔️🏃‍♀️

    Run and have fun!

  • I love Footloose too, and the Pointer Sisters (I'm so Excited!). It definitely helps to make the run fun! Have fun too!

  • We all do it 😀

    Yesterday I chose to run up a particularly challenging local hill for the first time. I managed it without stopping (No-one was more surprised than I was!) As I got to the pylon at the top I shouted out "insert victory dance here" and threw my hands in the air as I kept on running.

    There was no-one around, but I doubt if I'd have cared if there had been.

  • Oh yes, you absolutely have to do that after such an achievement! I remember the first time I reached 20 mins without stopping and I whooped and danced with joy, despite there being witnesses around. It makes all the hard work even more enjoyable. :-)

    Well done with the hill!

  • Thanks. The trouble with having done it once is that now I a) will have to do it again and b) find a new nemesis.

  • Love this! Go you!!

  • Thank you - you too! ;-)

  • Lol I shouted all sorts of expletives today! (W1R2) luckily it was 6am... no one about!

  • Yep, I've been there too!

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