Improved body confidence?

Improved body confidence?

When I first started running with C25K, I was hiding at home with baggy sweat pants on my treadmill but I soon ventured outside and found that there was no one waiting to laugh at me, in fact, people have either not noticed me or they have just smiled and said hello. A few marvellous people have even said "keep up the good work"! I started to go out in "running gear" at first feeling a bit self conscious but as I moved through the programme and even graduated, I was able to get a little more confident - high vis vest, head torch, running belt and now even patterned tights. I started running in quiet places away from others and now I run anywhere - round my housing estate and even through the town centre. My body and self confidence have grown so much. Massive encouragement from this Forum and acceptance of a 53 year old slightly chubby runner by the great British public - thanks to all. Are you finding running is boosting confidence? This is an early photo after a C25K run!


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  • Absolutely - I don't really care what people think anymore - not when I'm out in my running gear, anyway! :)

  • You're so right! I've gone from baggy t-shirts and jogging trousers to fitted tops and capris or leggings - and I don't care. If anyone judges my wobbly bits, that's up to them. At least I'm out there, running and enjoying it :)

  • Wait until your husband demands to know who you are - and what have you done with his wife!!!

  • Great post, Joolie :) Yes, definitely. I also started out in baggy tracksuit bottoms and a huge sweatshirt nearly two years ago, and now puff through the village in lycra without really caring what anyone thinks. Running has also given improved my self-confidence in other ways too - after all, if I can be self-disciplined enough to get out there two or three times a week AND push myself to run X km before going home, it is a sure sign that I have more sticking power than I credited myself with. And that I can apply that ability to other areas of my life where I presumed that I could never succeed either. Onwards and forwards with the running magic :D

  • Not patterned tights ??? Whoa! :) I love your post!

    All your posts and your pikkies are so motivational and happy! When I read them, they always make me smile... go you!

    It is hard for many of us to get out there, but I feel because I have always been an extrovert, and a teacher, I am used to being on show... hence my funky leggings from the word go.:)

    The general masses are far too wrapped up in their own lives, mostly to take notice of us, but as you say, we do get the occasional hello and a wave of encouragement. I got to know quite a few of the high school children, by sight, who did look slightly askance at this strange old lady walking... ( sorry, running...) down the road at the start of my C25K.. they all know me know.. and my various leggings!!!

    But, as we know from some posts there are always the odd few.. who have to make some kind of nasty or offensive remarks.. thankfully few and far between.

    It just takes, as you say, that first step to getting out there, and then building on it..

    I love, as you know this quotation;

    "Self confidence is the best outfit.. rock it and own it "

    Thanks for the post sweetie x

  • Maybe we should have a bright tight contest on the forum. The wilder the pattern the more I love them. And I'm an introvert ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Great idea...:)

  • Yes, exactly this. And as mfamilias says, it has crossed over into other areas of my life and not just it terms of body confidence, but general confidence.

  • I use to melt under layers of baggy fabric, just like the rest of you I have moved on to Lycra. I have a mass of curly hair that is so badly behaved I don't think anyone notices my clothes!

  • I started running back in November 2016. For fear of anybody seeing me, I started in the dark evenings so no one could see me. Yesterday I graduated in the glorious sunshine and icy cold -2c for every one to see. I was wearing my Bright Yellow Cycling Jacket and Black Lycra running tights. Sporting my bright red checks and puffing like an old steam train, I didn't give to hoots about what I looked like and I didn't even care if anybody was ready to laugh or mock. So I agree, this program brings the absolute best in oneself. Confidence by the bucket load. :-)

  • Amen to your post and all the comments too. It's amazing isn't it? :)

  • What a wild bunch we have all become! Thank you to the C25K team, our lives changed for the better

  • L light and warm

    Y yes im going running

    C c25k rocks

    R Rest days are important too!

    A Another graduate on the podium.

    ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ say yes to Lycra. Lol

  • Totally agree - I was so worried about being seen running outside but quickly realised that only runners and the occasional dog walker notice you really! It's liberating not caring what people think of you, isn't it?! :)

  • Think I'll still be a while till there's Lycra.....

  • Your post is really a feel good post. Happy ๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ running!

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