Headband, visor, cap or nothing?

As it's getting warmer (into roasting territory!) I think I need something to a) keep the sun out of my eyes and b) keep the sweat out of my eyes.

I tried a cap the other day and it certainly did the job but I think it may just make things a bit too warm. A headband would probably require sunglasses as well and I'm just not sure about a visor...

Can you get thin running caps which allow the heat to escape?


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11 Replies

  • Yep - you can get mesh ones.

  • When it gets very hot, drench your head in water before you go out. It brings your body temperature down and is very cooling, but yes we should always wear a hat in the summer time as it protects the top of the head from the sun as well as the other benefits you mention.

  • Just bought this and it is perfect and so light...


    Bought it for the better weather... pouring, as we speak!!!! But mainly for running in France! The underbill is quite long and dark... i don't wear sunglasses ever anyway..but it really keeps glare out!

  • When it's very hot it's better to keep the sun off your head. I do get very hot, but I know that I'd be hotter with the sun directly on me.

    I had a cool run the other day. It had been in the 30s, but only 27 when I was out and about at 6 in the evening. I rely on a cap and sunglasses.

  • Buffs do everything for me - head covering, sweatband... was reminded of this when I Went Out Without A Buff this week, having forgotten they are not just a cold weather friend.

  • ooh yes, and on very hot days you can soak them in cold water first :). I wear them all the time in winter, use them to keep my hair out of the way in summer and yet hadn't thought to wear it for running! Thanks!

  • I wear a 'gore' visor (wiggle website), it is light and gathers the sweat in the rim, but I also wear running sunglasses (also used for cycling), to reduce glare and these fit snugly around the headband of the visor. For practical reasons they also work welll to shade my neck if I'm on a long run by turning it around....

    If I get too hot the visor comes off and wrap it around my running belt ( they have a Velcro fastening at the back), or I double loop it around my wrist. I hate sun cream on my face but when I Have worn it I don't apply it on my forehead because I sweat and don't like it running down into my eyes!

  • I wear a running cap as I wear glasses, so it acts as a shade as much as anything ☺

  • I've ordered a cheap mesh cap from Amazon and I will see how I get on with that.

  • You've inspired me Simon. I've just ordered one from the strangely named Headsweats.

  • Mine's a brand called TooGoo! £2.96, so worth a gamble!

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