Week one day one not quite completed :(

lovely to meet you all :)

so I started day one yesterday and only managed 14mins, today I started day one again and got to 22min. I will restart day one on Tuesday and hope to god I complete it!

I was 17st 4 and am now 15st 11 and doing weight watchers so really feel like now I need to introduce exercise and have been really exited for this but I am very unfit!.

Did anyone else have this problem when they started? it may take me a little longer but I will get there!

If anyone would like a buddy I would love to have others to go through this with I am located in a little village outside Mansfield, Notts.

Regards, Lucy x


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  • Hi,

    I combined WW with C25K and I started from 18st and I'm 14st now and running a half marathon in 3 weeks time. Keep both going because together it's an absolute dynamite combination. The trick is to change your eating habits and make running regularly part of your life. These days I actually salivate over well prepared salads!

    Don't worry about not completing a run, that's not a measure of success. Just keep at it and you will do it. It's not a race, it's a change of lifestyle and even if you go just one minute longer, you will have suceeded. Measure success on your own terms, not anyone else's, then come back here and tell us all about it, we are already your personal fan club!

    Regarding food, it may cost a bit more, but the recipes in the WW cookbooks are very good indeed. Fresh food is great to eat, you can make an event of it and it will benefit you far greater than packet meals, even WW approved, pointed meals (I'm not a fan of those, though I do quite like some of the 2 point snack bars....). I had the support of my wife who is a great cook anyway and embraced the preparation of healthy meals from the start.

    You can do this. It just needs some will power and determination..... And the community here will cheer you to the finish line.

  • What a lovely person you are rob (and your westie).

    yes I love WW and always buy lovely fresh foods I try to do fresh meat in stifrys without the noodles and use my points on protein instead of carbs. I did start getting WW meals but to be honest when I pointed them I could make them myself for the same points and have more meat and veg and use things like butternut squash chips and cauliflower rice. I have stayed the same last week or to that why I felt like I needed to start this and to be honest I feel an overwhelming happiness after I run that I never thought I would feel with exercise and now I am actively thinking *right I'm on lates next week so can do my exercise before work on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday* and actually want to!

    I hope you don't mind I am following you and will look forward to your updates. I know this is just the start but I'm already looking for local runs. can't wait :)

  • I'm very flattered that you think I'm worth following! I shall reciprocate. I also think about when I can fit in my next run - I tend to do a lot of early morning runs. Come on Lucy, if I can do this, so can you!

  • Huge well done for making a start. That first run is so scary but you've already begun to make improvements by the sounds of it. I can't beat the advice of Rob but I just wanted to give you a big cheer and tell you to keep at it. Don't judge yourself by anyone else's standards. Also, keep coming back to this forum - the people are lovely and super supportive!

  • Hi Lucy.

    I struggled with my first run too. Running for a whole minute seemed like a massive task when I started in February. But I repeated it till I did it then I moved on. I'm on week 6 now but have been doing this for about 9 weeks.

    My tips are plan your route so the last bit is downhill or flat at least. It makes you feel so much better. And don't beat yourself up if you have to redo a run or two.

    You will get there!

    Helen. X

  • You're a lucky girl, Lucy, to have found C25K and this forum. If you do follow the plan, share your experiences and benefit from the great advice here, your life is about to change.

    As the others have said, don't worry if you struggle with the early runs - many people do, and I think you'll find that once you've got to the right (albeit low) level of fitness to complete week 1 runs, you'll find that each step up from there will be a great deal easier than you've found it so far. Just follow Laura's advice, listen to your body, and above all KEEP YOUR PACE DOWN!!! This last thing is what catches so many people out and makes them worry that they aren't succeeding. The most important thing you're trying to do is increase the duration of your running - definitely not at this stage your speed - that can come later.

    Running is fantastic, and the high you'll get when you do the 20 minute W5R3 run, and when you're eventually running for 30 minutes or more is elating and addictive.

    Good luck, and stay with us!

  • Good luck for Tuesday :)

  • Thank you :) day 1 is now officially done x

  • Before I started C25K I was worried I wouldn't be able to do Week 1 Run 1, so I ran and walked round the local football pitch (at dusk so few people could see me). First, I ran the short sides and walked the long sides. Once I'd managed to do that a couple of times I tried running the long sides and walking the short ones. It gave me the confidence to start, and looking at the posts on the forum, I saw that it's quite normal to repeat sessions that you find too difficult. That was in January. I've now graduated and running in Parkruns every Saturday (and still failing to keep up with my daughter).

    If the C25K programme can work for an unfit, overweight, ex-smoker like me, it can work for everyone!

    Good luck :-)

  • Well done on making a start. Don't worry if you don't finish a run, the next time you will probably do a bit better, as you have already found. It is important to have at least one rest day between each run, to give your body time to recover. Please try to do this even if you haven't completed a run. Most regular users of this site started out very unfit, and found support through a community of people with similar experiences. Good luck, and do keep posting.

  • Thank you for your reply. Yes I am so keen and don't like to be beaten so I so want to try again tomorrow but I know I need a rest day so will leave it until Tuesday. feel like I've fallen very lucky with this forum such wonderful people :)

  • Hi NTL and welcome to this forum we call....err......the forum! It's a friendly place with no trolls and you can get some super advice on all things running. We all started from scratch on here so you're in good company.

    Congratulations on starting this program. It will change your life and make you wish you'd done it ages ago! That said, there's no time like the present and just make sure you don't put yourself under any unnecessary pressure and most importantly of all - go slow!

    Weight will eventually fall off. It just can't help NOT to! Best of luck with it all.


  • Thank you for the reply. I am hoping with the exercise and the weight watchers it's a fool proof plan! hehe x

  • Hi there, well done finding probably the most helpful corner of the www anywhere in the universe! Keep posting to get encouragement, I would not have got this far without it I am sure. Follow each podcast til you can do it, the rest will follow. Good luck!

  • Hi there Lucy! Well done for taking the first step. Don't worry about not finishing the first day - don't rush it, and concentrate on just one day at a time. I found the first runs tough too. But if you complete even part of it, it is a success. This is the best place ever to find advice and support - it's a goldmine for motivation. Keep us posted on your progress!

  • Hi there i am almost at the end of completing week one again as my friend wanted to join me after i had already started. This has been the best thing i have done and cant believe how much better i feel. Most important do it at your pace and feel proud that you are off the settee and moving in fact not just moving starting to run!!!!!!

  • I started week 1 yesterday, and it was so hard. Didn't manage that last run, but had a 15 minute walk at the end. I don't think I will be up to doing week 2 after just 3 attempts at week 1. My thighs are really hurting today but going to try it again on Wednesday.

  • I completed day one today! This is my third attempt but I felt like a million dollars afterwards! so pleased when I didn't complete the two previous days I started again and carried on until I completed the full 30min :) can't wait for day 2 on Thursday now! I'm sure sometimes it will take me couple of attempts when going in to the new weeks but I won't give up and I will push through! so glad I found you all! x

  • Good luck for tomorrow please let me know how you get on x

  • Thanks for your reply. I managed all the runs today so really pleased and feeling much more positive. Going to stick with it, but it was still really hard though! Well done on completing day 1 and good look on Thursday for day 2x

  • Thank you all so much I felt like a million dollars today completing day one! you are all amazing! can't wait for day two now x

  • GO YOU!!!!

    I'm slimming world and just started this like you :)

    (been 14st 2 a few years ago after stopping smoking etc) 12st 10 wanting to get to at least 11st and very unfit...

    I'm following you - unfortunately I'm not near you in person but right here in spirit!!!

    Kepp on keeping on!! :D x

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