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Week one overrrrrr :) First day on week2


So last week myself and my friend from uni started the 5k challenge! We completed week one which i was really pleased about. On day 3 of week 1, I did feel really lazy and thought ahh no i won't go but luckily my friend was in the mood so she encouraged me!

Tonight we have just completed day 1 of week 2. Already I can feel a huge difference in my stamina! Although I did notice that I was running for longer.

Doing the 5k Challenge with my friend is really good because we help each other along. I do rececomend if you are struggling with motivation see if you can do it with anyone as it is great encouragement!

Thank you guyss for reading.

Il report back after ive completed week 2.


Shauna xoxo

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Well done to both of you! I hope you gave your friend a great big thank you for keeping you on the straight and narrow! You will be amazed at your fitness in just a few weeks from now. :)


It does help if you have someone to motivate you out too! I also find having my kit all 'ready' for when I get up or get home helps. One less thing to slow you down/make an excuse for. :-)


well i am a very good motivator :p xxx


Good deal having a buddy to run with. Do you guys talk to each other while running? I go alone so unfortunately I don't really know if I'm pushing myself enough, but not so much that I couldn't carry on a conversation with someone.


Definitely agree with having the kit ready as a motivator... Well done!


Well done I'm going to start w2 in a couple of days x


I've only just started but I have put all the days in my diary in advance, and at a time when it's not possible to have an excuse because I am free at that time. I have chosen times when I know work, friends and other commitments won't interfere as this is usually the time I spend surfing on the net or on facebook. I know myself and any excuse will do!! Unfortunately most of my friends prefer going to the gym, not my cup of tea....but they are encouraging :-)


When I first started people asked me how I would find the time. Not too hard cos I used to (shamefully) spend hours on Facebook every day. Now I use the time for a run and shower after. Much better.


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