Week One completed - much to my astonishment!

I actually finished week 1! I am in shock, I really didn't think I would be able to do it but I did. It was so hard the first day but already it is easier, I actually quite enjoyed today. A friend is keen to start doing it next week - I like the idea of company, would it be a bad thing to do week 1 again? I think it would do my confidence good and it would be nice for us both to be at the same stage.

For anyone starting out, just go and do it, it really isn't as un-achievable as it may feel!


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20 Replies

  • Go for it... you enjoyed it.. repeat the pleasant sensation.

    Well done for starting... and treat this week as a practice, and then start with your chum!

    Keep posting too :)

  • Thank you! I do feel rather pleased with myself (and still amazed!) I will keep posting, I have had so much help and encouragement on here, it has made so much difference!

  • It is a great place to be... everyone will support and encourage you!

  • I can't imagine doing C25k with anyone else as I think you need to do your own thing, but I think it's still possible to listen to the podcast or app while being with someone else. The only thing that would miff me off though is waiting about for somebody. If they were late for example 😬

    Good luck. Have fun

  • Well done! It's just a great feeling isn't it?! And every week that feeling of amazement keeps coming. 😃

    I can see how you & your friend could be an encouragement / support to eachother - might help smash a few of those gremlins when they want to spoil the party!

    There's no rule that says you can't repeat a week, or take more than 9, so it's totally your call. 😃

  • Thank you very much! It IS a great feeling, i have totally surprised myself, especially as i found it pretty tough yet kept going. I think we will help motivate each other but if it doesn't work it's no big deal, at least I will still be running!

  • I am with you there... ( or not) :) No one would come with me anyway, 'cos I do daft things! :)

  • I'd come with you - we could do daft things together ;)

  • We would be totally..dangerous... sounds like fun to me :)

  • I could bring skipping ropes and we could skip through Rookery Wood (it's on my bucket list - even though I don't know where it is)!😂

  • We will make this work..watch out world 🙂

  • I'd love to redo the whole programme with someone. I think it's a great idea to repeat week 1. Will really boost your confidence. If you prefer running alone though, stick with that. It's totally your call😊

  • Thank you! I think it will help my confidence too, I could see myself really enjoying doing the week again and I'm sure it will help my friend too, especially as I have a good route sussed now :) If it doesn't work out I won't have lost anything really :)

  • I've only run once with someone else and although it passed much more quickly and was nice to have company, the pace (leg length? better fitness?) made if difficult for me so personally I find as a beginner I'm better off on my own.

  • I think you should try running with company, but be prepared to shelve the idea if it doesn't work out. Running is a funny thing, often you are either a lone runner or a social runner and never the two shall meet other than in organised races.

    I prefer to run alone as everything is then for me to decide, my run, my pace, my route, my distance etc. However I have run with my superfit son and with my lovely daughter and have really enjoyed their company. Personally I feel you need to choose a run partner you are comfortable with as you are a new runner, someone who can adapt pace etc to suit your pace.

    See how it goes, you have nothing to lose.

  • Thank you! My friend would say she is more unfit than me so I think she will make me run more slowly which is something I struggled with last week - with resulting breathlessness etc. I am going to give it a go with an open mind, if it doesn't work I still have my loyal four legged companions who don't care how fast or slow we go!

  • You did! Well done you! You will also do it again when you complete Week 1 with your friend (no harm in that) and you will also complete Week 2 and Week 9 in a couple of months time!! Oh yes you will! :)

  • Thank you for the vote of confidence! I love this group :)

  • Now, I prefer running on my own because I can do what I like, other than in parkrun or something which I enjoy in a different way. But when I was doing C25k I found it very helpful to do it with others. There were a wee group of us, all busy mums, and it was hard to find times when we were all available, but any times we couldn't be with the others we just made sure we went out on our own before the next one so that we didn't fall behind. So I probably only did half the runs with them. But the accountability was great. It meant when I didn't feel like going out I would think, "Mmm. I better go. I've arranged to meet them at such and such a time" or "Mmm. I better go on my own right now because otherwise I'll fall behind and not be ready to move on with the rest of them".

    So I wouldn't be surprised if you benefit from running with your friend. Also, just think... you can give her the benefit of all your experience. You are a "more experienced runner"! How about that? :)

  • Haha a 'more experienced runner' I am loving the sound of that! We are very luck to have super off road running very close by and this last week has helped me find the best routes so I am sure that will be useful. I think you are right about the accountability too, I am really determined but I am sure there will be times when my resolve fades a bit! Thank you for your support!

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