5x50 - One Third Already Completed

I've noticed 5x50 blogging has gone a bit quiet so really just wanted to check in and see how folks were getting on.

I thought the biggest struggle would be fitting in runs after work so have kind of surprised myself this week with 3 * 06:00 starts on the run (pun intended)

With Run 18 completed we have completed the first third and move into the middle third before finishing off the last couple of runs .... does that sound like a glass 1/3 full or 2/3rds empty :-)

Runs have been going great for me, as some of you will know I'm a man on a mission and I've kept it up a run a day so far. I'm still excited about comparing where I am now with one year ago when i graduated.

Everyone else still on board?


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30 Replies

  • Well done on your daily running, PastyMan. Glad to hear it's going well :-)

    As a team we're doing brilliantly! The MalcyMeter says we've done 6,651km. According to the distances from London thingie, that means we travelled as far east as New Delhi, India or west across the Atlantic to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    I'm enjoying the '5x50 Challenge'. I'm keeping my running to 3 or 4 times a week (if my schedule gets disrupted I add the 4th - an 'Easy 5' - to get back to the regular days) and am enjoying the variety of other exercise: cycling, walking, swimming, hillwalking, yoga and Swiss Ball class.

    I'm still managing to get at least one photo a day during some of the activity (with thanks to family members help too!): flickr.com/photos/swan-scot...

    (For those who don't know what we're talking about see 5x50.co.uk )

  • Just looked at your photos swanscot - lovely!

  • Loving the photo's swanscot! Such a great idea to incorporate them into the challenge. Gayle

  • Great photos, Swanscot! Thanks for sharing!

  • I'm not doing the 5 x 50, but am watching you all closely with interest and admiration! So keep going all of you, you are doing so well!

  • Petal, get ready for the 2014 challenge! ;-) Gayle

  • I missed one day when I just couldn't find a spare 30 minutes (If I got up at 6, I wouldn't be able to put one foot in front of the other!) but did an 11k walk the weekend before, so still on track for 5k per day. From complete couching before Jan 5th, I am finding doing something every day an effort but managing it so far. My arms have felt it the most from swimming but I am amazed that I can swim 30 minutes at full pelt and not get even slightly out of breath :D

  • Wow! Khrissy! 30 minutes of swimming sounds like quite a workout! Great job! Gayle

  • I would LOVE to see a C25K Swimming program!

  • Me too! I've had a quick look for something similar but haven't found anything yet.

  • I have done harldy any runs, almost all walking, I want to try and get a run in soon.

    The weather is awfull though, blowing a gale and raining 3 days in row.

    Last time I ended up with a bad ankle/foot which has never fully recovered so I don't want to totally over do it.

    I can't believe how far some people have racked up so far, well done to everyone.

  • Yipppeeeee Team!!!!!! Great going everyone, keep racking that distance up!! :-)

    Pasty, I admire you for running every single day. We soon found we had to incorporate walking into our plan. So far, we have walked or ran a minimum of 5K every day of the challenge. Our biggest challenge has been the weather. We have cold here with wind most days. Its raining today and predicting snow tomorrow! Gayle

  • I'm running 3 times a week, walking and strengthing and flexing 3/4 times. Gloriously warm and sunny here so am running at 7 am. Forgot to switch in Gramin this morning. Did a speed Swan!

  • I'm a little bit jealous of you running everyday as I am still struggling with my shins and finding running isn't really happening at the moment. Still managing to keep going and it seems less of a chore now more just what I do everyday. It was my mother in laws birthday yesterday so the family all went out for a meal but still managed to squeeze in a 4k walk before I went.

  • wow! A third done already? Thanks for pointing that out PastyMan it's very motivating! I am also really in admiration of you running 5K each day, I'm not sure I could do that.

    I have been mainly cycling to work and back and getting in the mileage that way, but I admit I have been pretty lax with my running, which is not good as I signed up to this to make me run more! However, with the weather changing for the better finally, I will have no more excuses :) . I'm also enjoying making myself go out every day as I can usually make up an excuse for that too. I hope to build in some swimming into the next 3rd too.

  • I struggle a bit with time and tiredness but that's because I've got two small achildren, one disabled, who don't go to sleep that early and one usually doesn't stay asleep through the night. plus I work three days. I do admire those doing something involving travel every day. I've done a lot of yoga on my non running days. My neck is sore today from an old injury flaring up so I'm not certain what to do tonight. I am enjoying the push it's given me to do something ever day. It is starting to become a habit. I had one day off but I'd done double on another so felt ok about it.

  • You're doing fantastic, Tati, managing to do what you are doing! :)

  • I'm still going! - I crossed the 100km mark last night, with a 30 min yoga session, which isn't really 5k, however, it has meant that I've been active for at least 30 minutes every day, which is a huge change for me for the better.

    I wouldn't say it's been easy - I've got pretty tired, and have also had some skin flare-ups from wind/sun, but I'm hoping that will settle down soon, as I don't want to just do indoor exercise for the rest of the challenge! But I am still really glad I took the challenge on, and am determined to keep going - and intend to get some more running in soon.

    I am in awe of anyone who can run every day - or even 3/4 times a week as well as all the other things! :)

  • The chest infection I picked up last week has kept me of work so no running and only a couple of slow walks done - been mainly doing some stretching/yoga in time segments to keep my challenge alive. Hope to be taking a slow run at the weekend. Need to get fit and well again as I have my first 10k on May 18th.

  • I'm still loving it! and I really love the team spirit here. I am on day 60 tomorrow!! I manage about one or two runs a week, but looking at my pie chart (don't you love them?) I am managing a really good mix up of everything, and that's why i think my legs haven't packed up. My knees are still feeling slightly weaker than before the challenge but nothing to worry about. I'm just loving the feeling of being alive and after the Boston marathon bombs it makes you realise that no one knows whats around the corner so best to keep fit and enjoy life to the full.

    Well done everyone :)

  • My wife made up a grid with 5 by 10 squares all numbered on a huge sheet and I have it in the garage with the treadmill and solemnly cross each off as the day's run is completed .... I call it my Torture Board :-)

  • I have been ticking off each day on a grid on Goodrunguide (called the trainer planner). I just love to see all the ticks covering the page :D

  • My husband is putting £1 in a jar every day I complete an activity and the money is going to Marie Curie, my chosen charity. That reminds me, he hasn't put today's contribution in yet!

    I've been doing a combination of running, walking and cycling with a Curves circuit thrown in. We managed to keep it all going last week on holiday in Tenerife by walking or running most mornings before it got too hot. Great to see how well we're all doing! :)

  • Got off the bus well early coming home getting me up to 8k for today.

    I feel a bit energised tonight much less tired than the last few nights.

  • I even did a bit of running this evening - only for ten minutes, but faster than I usually do, after reading about 'Run for Boston'. Then I did some yoga and strength/flex and stair circuits. May have overdone the running though, as it took ages for my heartrate to recover, and I felt pretty yukky for a while. Fine now, thank goodness. :)

  • I am still going....almost at graduation day for C25K (W9R3) on Friday :) I run 3 times a week and that is enough for now. The other days I swim and walk and I will also try some strength and Flex to have change :)

    Hats off to you for running everyday....that's one hell of an acheivement! I am so happy I signed up fro the challenge as I was a bit apprehensive at first because I was only on W6 of C25K, and never considered exercise as being enjoyable.....how that has changed! Keep up the amazing work and look forward to hearing how your doing later :-D

  • I'm generally running three times per week, two at the weekend, so I can do longer runs (Friday and Sunday). I generally walk each week day and top up with a quick cycle to get the K in.

    This challenge has made me think that I might get a better sized bike and cycle to work occasionally and then run home. Then a couple of days later run to walk and cycle home. Luckily I can safely leave my bike and there are showers.

    Going to have a look at bikes this weekend (thinking hybrid, welcome any suggestions)

  • hi Phil, I am by no means a bike expert, but I have a ridgeback hybrid bike and would recommend them. It's solidly built, yet lightweight, comfortable - both seating and riding position and fast, so pretty much all you could ask for in a commuting bike.

    (Also, I wish we had showers in my office and could leave bikes safely overnight as your plan is exactly what I'd like to do)

  • Thanks for the recommendation, sounds like what I'm looking for, I'll have a look, cheers.

  • A third done, brilliant!! I too have a calendar I printed off for the challenge and write down in advance what I want to do though it is subject to change but still achieving every day.

    I am averaging 9k every day according to the malcymeter mainly with walking and running and it is definitely now becoming a habit! :) Just love this challenge and love our team!! ;)

    I noticed a dip on the graph for yesterday though so keep going guys and keep tracking! We will nail this together!!


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