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Yay.....I've done it!,,

It's been hard but brilliant!!! Finally completed W9 this morning, beautiful but drizzly run around fields. In fact the drizzle was very cooling on my face.

I am only managing about 4.3k at the moment but I am going to continue with 30 min runs & I'll hopefully get there.....:-)

Thank you to every one on here for the help, support & motivational tips that we all rely on to keep us putting one foot in front of the other.

I never thought I'd be able to do it but it truly works.......if I can do it then anyone can :-)

Just awaiting my shiny new badge now!!

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Congratulations, Bongodrums, on completing C25K. Here's to your continuing running success.


Thank you swanscot.


Well done! i love hearing people say they've done it, it makes it more real and easier to believe it IS possible. Congratulations!


Fabulous, congratulations and well done.. I hope to be joining you as a graduate on Saturday morning.. :-)


Thats just brilliant, well done you!! Dont worry about the time; I think most of us here will be working on the speed once graduated so that we can really achieve that 5k in 30 mins but at least that gives you a goal for your post-grad runs.

I too will be joining you later this week so keep the bubbly on ice - i think there are going to be a lot joining the party this week!!

Congratulations once again!


Thanks all for your lovely comments.

Leyther1 it really IS possible, I didn't believe it but it really is. Good luck with your journey :-)

Good luck jlow & SBG356 with your graduation runs later this week :-) its a great feeling!! I'm going to celebrate with a small glass of red & some bubbles next week as I'm off to Paris!

Let us know how you're all getting on & you're right SBG356 speed will come with time and practice.

I can't stop smiling :-)......


Hey well done - I'm just working through week 6 so week 9 seems a long way away - got my first 25 minute run today and am scared. Well done though and I agree with the others - I'm not thinking speed yet and just want to get to running for 30 minutes. I've plans to do park runs and charity runs in January so plenty of time to improve speed then. So proud of us all on this site - running has really changed my life and I'm enjoying putting off my mum's uniform and getting out on my own all weathers. Something really gratifying about returning all muddy and sweaty ..... my family aren't so keen though!! Good luck and keep running. x


Congratulations, and celebrations - hey, isn't there a song about that? :) Well done, don't worry about the speed, it will come. Enjoy your running!


Well done Bongodrums-Congratulations. I graduate, along with eshaz14, jolw and SBG356 on Friday.

Zippy feet-the time just goes! Before you know it you're in week 8, then week 9 is upon you. Good luck with your runs-don't worry about speed, leave that it will come-for now concentrate on stamina and endurance, as Laura says. Stick to the system! :-)


Hey Zippyfeet, how did your 25 mins go? I bet you were fine. Not long until your big day. It's a great feeling and I agree this site is brilliant. The people on it are wonderful :-) ( loving your name by the way!)

I think you may be right about the song Anniemurph, such a shame that we don't get a burst of Sir Cliff post graduation run. That would really make us feel special :-)

Good luck with your graduation runs Pearsey & eshaz14, let us know how you get on.

Thanks for all your lovely comments and I agree with you all that speed will come. My husband came across a lovely quote the other week 'I may be slow but at least I am lapping those on the couch' very apt I thought.

Thanks once again and yes I am still :-)


absolutely fantastic, well done Bongodrums! Cant wait to see your Graduation badge next to your name. Cant wait to see it against mine! Long way to go mind but I'll get there.

can i nick your husbands quote?? I love it!! So apt!

keep smiling!


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