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Graduation day and park run nerves


So I’m doing my first park run tomorrow to coincide with graduation day but my last few runs have been very difficult due to very tight hip flexors. It has really been a battle between the part of my brain saying stop and don’t stop. I think I got ahead of myself 2 weeks ago by running 5k in 37mins when I was supposed to be doing a 28min run. Had problems with my hip flexors even since!

Think I should do the park run tomorrow as the weather is ideal but I’m nervous I won’t be able to run the whole thing and that I’ll have to walk for a bit, which in my silly head says failure! 🙄

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I'm running 42 minutes for 5k only managed 30 minutes on my graduation from the app. I did my first ever parkrun last Saturday. I was nervous about it about getting lost but the volunteers were amazing. They will let you know which way to go. As long as your not like me when you hear that voice you've did it run for 30 minutes. Then switch off do your distance.

Just run your own way at your own pace. It’s not failing if you try.


No way is that a failure as you say you’ve done it before and when your injury goes you will no doubt do it again. If you are dead set on doing the Parkrun do just enough to keep yourself going and when the injury goes just do it then. I think the final run is the icing but the whole cake Is the hard work,sweat and commitment you’ve put in to get to week 9 well done and let us know how it goes 👍


Go along, walk for 5 mins before the start, careful with heelstriking, and see how your feel. You’ll be OK. Dynamic stretches and warm up well, take it ridiculously steady and focus on form: keep good posture, land softly, keep the breathing easy and smile and enjoy it. Don’t go for a PB, look after all the achy bits, notice if anything starts to feel worse and make an adjustment in how you run. Get curious about what happens when you change something like arm movements and abdominal tension. It all adds to your running toolkit!

Hi Couchpotato29, I'm hoping to take part in my first park run tomorrow as well. I'm not suffering any injuries but am clearly feeling it already (3.15pm). Butterflies 🦋🦋🦋 for me, at 61 shouldn't I have grown out of such things? I hope to be at Markeaton in Derby. I don't know about hip flexors, but I am sure you do, so do what you know is right. I look forward to reading about it soon or later. All the best to you for your onward running journey.

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