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Took my running clothes to work and ran along the canal. Forgot my water but managed without it despite the heat. Definitely need some shorts and shirt sleeved tops for sunny days. Managed to do 4km in 30 min 40 secs. Can't decide whether or not to consider graduation tomorrow after my third run or wait until I get to 5k in 30 mins. So proud of getting this far but also disappointed that I havent run 5k yet and no chance in 30 mins.

So what next? Run for longer or try to run faster? I might consult my friend who is a running coach. In suspect I may need to go back to interval training to build up my speed but had hoped it would happen as my fitness imoroves. After all it's only been 9 weeks.

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You graduate when you have done the third 30 minute run - distance can come later. So, I think we need to get the flags out ready for tomorrow!


Ullyrunner's right: graduation is when you complete the programme ie you've run continuously for 30 minutes 3 times. You can award yourself another if you do a 5K, and another if you do a 5K in 30 minutes or less but those are very much optional (well, I say that, I am not sure I do have the option to do 5k in less than 30 minutes... but I have other options such as 10k, running a particular route with a nice view, running hills, running regularly/certain number of k per week or month)


Well done Lizieo! Only one run to go to getting that great feeling of success! Yay! I concentrated on running for 30mins up to graduating and then just kept going a bit further. I seem to do 5k now in 36-37mins. to my surprise. I may try the Stepping Stones C25k+ podcasts in a couple of weeks as I still need some sort of structure to keep going. Good luck!


Do the w9r3 30 minute run and then your a graduate.

You could try a parkrun to run for 5k. It may take a bit longer, and you may need to walk a little, but you get swept along with all the other runners and you may surprise yourself.

Whatever you do you're a runner now - so enjoy it


Not many of us achieve the 5k in 9 weeks but all of us graduates have definitely done the 30 minutes :) Your next 30 minute run is definitely graduation day regardless of distance. That will come later :)


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