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W9R2 done, 5k completed (well sort of, erm maybe)


Finished W9R2 this morning and managed to cover 5k including the warm up and down (ahem), so I'm taking that as 5k :-). The actual running distance was 4.1k so compared to where I was 8 weeks ago bumbling along at around 6.5kph I'm over the moon.

Also it means I now have a post graduate goal to get to 5k in 30 mins so have something to strive for.

Bit sad to hear Laura say goodbye during the warm down, but still, one more run with her on thursday.

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That's great!! And if you had done exactly that at a Parkrun, you would have an official 5K time ! :) 5K's is 5K's - regardless of whether you run the whole lot or not :)


Well done :) once graduated you can download the c25k plus podcasts to help improve your speed and stamina so you don't have to say bye to laura just yet :)


Well done! I hope to be in the same position in the next few weeks time :)


Well done mattm I agree with Bazza that you have done your 5k. Enjoy your graduation run!


No doubt about it - you did it! You ran for 30 minutes... and that'd be a very good Parkrun time even with a walk! Well done... Enjoy your graduation run - you've worked darn hard to get here! WELL DONE!!

Ooh well done, one more run til you get your graduate badge, enjoy!


Excellent achievement. Well done. As mentioned, if that was a park run then it would count as a 5k. However, I know what you mean about achieving the 5k in 30 minutes, I'm also aiming for that by the end of w9. It looks like you are well on your way to achieving your goal so good luck with that and let us know how you get on.


I did my graduation run on Sunday and covered exactly 5k but that was including the walking sections too so it took me just under 40 minutes. As you say, it's something to aim for now. I'm not especially worried about running 5k in 30 minutes, I'd just like to be able to run for the full 5k.


Well done - almost at the graduate badge. Excellent achievement.

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