Couch to 5K

So close I can smell it - W9R2

Tomorrow will be my graduation run. In my 30 minute runs I'm only managing 4k of running, but overall with the warm and cool sections I manage 5k.

So, after tomorrow, I have to think about what to do next!

Options are:

1. Keep running 30 mins until it's 'easy' - not a preferred option as I feel I improve by pushing myself, not by consolidating)

2. Run longer, until I run 5k (maybe add 2 mins per week until I hit 5k during the running bit). Trouble is, my runs are getting longer and longer and frankly a bit boring because there are a limited number of routes near me.

3. Download the 5-10k app and see where it takes me

4. Do a park run - I run for peace and contemplation, I'm concerned I'd be irritated by the presence of other people.

5. Sign up for a 5k in say, 3 months - I should be ready by then?

6. Download the stamina and speed podcasts and see if they are any good (I run using an app + Spotify, not using the podcasts, and I'm reluctant to relinquish my own banging running choon playlist).

Infact, you know what, scrap all those daft questions, what I really want to know is, have I now earned myself the right to buy myself a funky gps heartbeat-counting runny watchy type gadget thingamy?!

PS. Glastonbury was phenomenal, as ever. My first run after my return was HARD due to lack of sleep, shedloads of booze and umpteen billion crafty fags.

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"...only 4k.." What do you mean only 4k? That's brilliant!

Looking forward to seeing a shiny new Graduate badge next to your name tomorrow.

Try and do without the fags though. After 40 years of it, I gave up smoking over 10 years ago but still struggle to run.

Try all of the options and do any, some or all of them, they're all good and yes, treat yourself to a prezzie, you've earned it!


I gave up smoking a year ago, but crumbled last week. There's something about booze and sun and music that makes my resolve limp away in defeat. But oh my goodness, you can really see the impact of it on your performance. As soon as I got home I stopped smoking again and already feel better.


Hi , Yes to all !

Whatever suits you , there is so much you can do now .

Oh yes and treat yourself to a well deserved Graduation pressie !

My hubby got me a Garmin a while back and I am slowly getting used to it . I mean, giving a GPS all singing all dancing timepiece to a techo numpty potato headed, menopausal, hormonal loony like me , what could possibly go wrong ? Ha ha

I like to run by myself but I do go to a running club once a week where I run with 2 others and I enjoy that. I like to take part in mass events where theres loads of other people running as well , but on the whole I prefer running by myself.

Good Luck for tomorrow and am looking forward to reading your write up . You can do it ! :-) xxx


Re the watch, totally! I'm terrified that I'll buy one, and not be able to work it. Or worse, see the teensy wee numbers on the totsy wee screen. Choosing the right one seems akin to planning a Mars landing, so much choice, so many specifications, aargh! I used to be so tech savvy, what happened!


Ha ha , The Garmin 10 is very popular on here, plus you get loads of help on here. Its like having your own personal help line :-) xxx


haha I would say you can treat yourself to anything :D graduating is such a huge personal achievement :D

Oh and being an ex smoker of 18 months now , give them up believe me I never thought I could and yes it does get easier :D


First of all - well done. In terms of what you do next, the world is your oyster but if you can run 4k, you'll be ready for 5k in a lot less than three months - a good rule is to increase the length of your long run by 10% of your weekly total distance each week.

If you want to go faster and are less interested in longer distances, why not replace one of your weekly runs with an interval session - I started with the C25K+ Speed podcast and now do a whopping 52 minute session every week.


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