Hi all

Just completed w9r3!!! Me!! Overweight and 50 in December. I actually cannot believe it. I have never been sporty or fit. But to everyone out there who is struggling it can be done. I remember w1r1 came back defeated on my first attempt but somehow went back out two days later and completed it. I did repeat the step up to 20 mins three times but eventually I completed that. I am only covering 4.3k at the moment and that includes my warm up but I can run continously for 30 mins.

My plan is to keep going and get to 5k. I have entered race for life in July and plan to do a few park run's when I can complete 5k. I actually feel as if this is achievable. Which is truly amazing to me.

I have more energy and feel great, so great I want to keep going.

I guess the point of this post is to encourage everyone else. This plan really does work. It's not easy but it's manageable and it's worth the hardwork.

I am now the proud owner of 'running clothes' Just need me graduation badge to go with them.

Good luck to all


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23 Replies

  • Congrats and well done maggie.

    Don't forget to get your Graduate 'badge'.

  • Congratulations - I hope you feel really proud. Lots of lovely running adventures ahead!

  • well done good effort, keep it up.

  • Thank you all so much. I'm not much of a poster but I read every post. I have to say this forum along with the programme have made this possible for me. I hope to be able to post times and distance becoming more respectable.

    Thanks once again x

  • Yay ! Congratulations Maggie - You did it !

    Brilliant post , Well done to you

    And a massive BIG UP to us over 50s . Its the new 30 you know ha ha :-D

    Fab stuff Missus, keep on trucking baby ! :-D xxx

  • Yes I do agree.

  • Ta Daaaaaa! Very well done indeed maggie1712 and many congratulations!

    May this be the beginning of many many years of cool runnings :-)

  • Wow fabulous. We all knew you could do it.

  • Whoop whoop! Well done you. Enjoy your running x :-)

  • Well done you really deserve it. Not. Only have you graduated your enjoying it it's brill to hear x

  • Oh wow how great you must be feeling and you deserve to a big well done what an inspiration 😀 im 2 runs away from graduating and 3 months off 50 lol 😊

  • It so is!!!!! Well done Mags! You did it! Life changer int it! Fit at 50. Wahay. Keep on running. Never stop

  • Whoooo hooooo! Your graduation badge is lovely and shiney :) very well done, it's a great feeling!!

  • Well done! We sound like running twins - I am on week 9 run 2 today and I'll be 50 a month after you! Same sort of pace. I am also overweight and never been sporty before. Great feeling isn't it! Helen

  • The world is your running where next? Congratulations.

  • Well done you! I graduated last Wednesday and it feels so good. Like you I took my time getting there and still find it hard to believe that I did actually do it at 57. My aim was to get fit for a Run for Life run in July too. Shall be thinking about you. Enjoy your running!

  • Thanks all for the lovely replies. Ohhh look at my lovely badge!! Good luck to all of you. Fab at 50 it will be. Came to work on my bike today it's only 2k but gosh it was a struggle. But I did it xx

  • Well done! I graduated yesterday and am also in my 50s. It's a great feeling to be able to do something at this 'age' that you couldn't before. Keep up the good work. I know I am!

  • Well done

    Keep running :)

  • Congratulations. 😊

  • Running clothes ! You've been sucked in ! Well done on all your hard work, being able to run for 30 mins is a great reward.

  • Congratulation Maggie. Fantastic. You must be soo on top of the world! Well done.

  • Well done, so happy for you and hope you are feeling proud.

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