Week 8 completed!

This morning I ran W8R3. It was a funny sort of run. For the first time it was properly dark when I left the house, so I had to make up a route as I went along. I usually run through a nature reserve, and I didn't fancy that in the dark, so I pounded the streets! Having read so much about the famous Laura, I downloaded the podcast instead of using the app. Then I turned the wretched thing off halfway through my warm up walk. I am really tight for time in the morning, so I ended up listening to Radio 2 and setting a timer. Towards the end I found that I was "shake, shake, shaking" along to Taylor Swift, which by that point of the run was very apt! I'm pretty pleased to have week 8 under my belt, and I can see graduation approaching. Three more runs!

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  • Fingers crossed we could graduate together! Run1 of Wk 9 coming up for me tomorrow - Good Luck ๐Ÿ‘

  • It's great following the progress of people at the same stage. Look how far we've come!

  • Well done :)

  • Well done! Shame you couldn't stick out Laura but the music is not to everyone's taste (just me apparently...)! Enjoy graduation week!

  • Laura was lost due to ineptitude with technology rather than my musIcal taste (or lack of it! ) Not entirely sure Taylor Swift was any better!

  • Oh right, haha, I thought you just couldn't stand the music! You wouldn't be the first!

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