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W6 almost R1 :-/

Well.... 2nd attempt to run outside... (after terrible weather and ice-cold wind few weeks ago) here we go:

Awesome weather(check)... shoes (check) ... running clothes (check) ..... headphones (check) ... water (check)

hubby and kiddo (check) ..... Green Wheel path had few runners and cyclist to keep me motivated (check)

Ops, i deleted my app (C25K - not the original one as my phone is not compatible for it) ..tried to download it - ugh, no space, deleted few other apps - C25K again on phone- ok here me go....

5 min walk- perfect - music on (had Radio Heart on) .. sip of water...

3 min in the run - trying to sort out my headphones - ssooooo annoyed with them... but kept on running.. finished 5min phew feeling great!! It is much tougher than the treadmill I tell ya!! I def didnt enjoy it as much... as i was going too fast.. :-( tried to slow down but it didnt feel right :-(

next 3 min walk - still trying to sort out those headphones :-( (as dumb as it sounds, it was!! lol)

next 8 min - 3 min into it and my right knee that i thought it recovered of the W5R3 start hurting again ... then my ankles did too..... so all that discomfort and oh, did i mention the headphones trouble?? put me off the run for the day so instead i did 3h walk with hubby and kiddo...

Still happy cuz i did full 5 min and 3min of 8 outside so.. better than the last time (2min).. But def i prefer the treadmill may be after W9 Ill try to run out again (if no before that)..

So .. W6R1 is yet to be done...

(hope it made sense this time Hussainbolts ;-) lol)


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Running on tarmac involves much higher forces impacting your legs than the treadmill so it is maybe not surprising that your ankles/knees were sore.

It is completely up to you of course but it might be an idea to gently introduce outdoor running (say two or three minutes at a time) and/or run on grass, if you can.

I am sure you will nail W6R1 on the treadmill.


Yea, that makes sense! Next time i wont go for the whole run cuz ill be disappointed again - just few min at a time. .. im sure I can do it on the treadmill! :-)

Thanks for comment :-)


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