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Currently doing a running course outside and 1 or 2 runs from the c25k plan as well, although progress through that is slow as the jumps in weeks on that is quite big compared to the running course. Also find that running with others at more or less the same stage does keep me more motivated. However, the bits in between I am doing on a treadmill as have found it really hard to do outside. I know its a mind over body issue, but the body keeps telling me a big NO when ever I gattempt a run outside alone.

So the plan tomorrow, is that I am going into work with hubby, who drives the 1.1 mile from our house, to then walk/jog/run home. My thinking is that there will be no outward run from home, so wont be as worried about getting too far away before the gremlins start and I will have the motivation to get home as quick as I can, to shower etc before I have to head off to work! If this works, I can then repeat this as needed until I feel ready to do more. I think tomorrow, I will just see how it goes and not necessarily do it as a c25k run. The last run I did on the treadmill was wk6 r1, so would really like to make the transition outside while the weather is still half decent.

This is about the 4th time I have attempted to complete the programme and will do so this time. Came across a saying the other day which I liked.... "hate starting over again? then don't give up in the first place!"......


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18 Replies

  • Sounds like a good plan. See no reason why you can't mix it up - do whatever works for you!

  • Sounds like a plan, all the best.

    I can't imagine that I would enjoy a treadmill, so much nicer out in the fresh air.

  • I did a lot of the programme on the treadmill for various reasons but you wouldn't get me there now without a big fight! Outside is just so much better for the soul.

    It's harder to pace yourself outside so just take the speed down and run very, very slowly. Once you get used to running outside you won't look back.

  • Thanks for the support. Am hoping that tomorrow goes well and will then aim to get out more.

  • I prefer outside... but hate running out on very windy and very wet days (that will be tomorrow )

    This is interesting:


  • I've never used a treadmill, think I prefer out in the openair and its free, but may give it a whirl a few times over the winter when weathers bad.

    Have read that if you are only used to a treadmill then you should take it easy when first going out and should only do a 10 min run at first, as more muscles are used to propel yourself forward, then build on that gradually. Don't want you on the IC again... Caro, disregard those pesky little gremlins, they can try and put the mockers on things, I know, I've just come back from a 5k run and they were nagging at me in the hot sun, (good job I had cap on today) if you've no physical pain, just go through them, take care....

  • Have used treadmill mostly at home due to injuries in the past and asthma. Need to learn not to worry about injuries that might happen and am now on new asthma medication (10 days) which seems to be much better controlles, so going to give it a go tomorrow and see what happens.

  • You don't say why you're so apprehensive about running outside - any particular reason? Good luck for tomorrow - you'll have it done and dusted before you know it.

    I've always run outside - there's something so liberating about the fresh air, seeing the sights and actually covering some real ground.

    If you've got a few minutes to waste, watch this little cartoon about a hamster running on a wheel (right through to the end), it's great!

  • FAB!!! thanks.

  • Whatever works! It's so much more fun outside - go for it!

  • Read this with interest!

    Hubby bought me a treadmill for my birthday yesterday. :)

    I live in a small village in the middle of nowhere and throughout the winter I am likely to be at work during daylight hours. Thus, I have been so worried that I won't be able to keep up the running habit throughout the winter. I am going to try and run outside at lunch but that won't always be possible. Also, I think I feel confident enough to don a head torch and do the speed podcast around the village green. However, there is no way I would feel safe running my longer runs on the roads / trails around here on my own in the dark. Thus, the treadmill is going to be a great insurance policy to get a run in when all other options have failed!

  • Hope you had a lovely Birthday :-)

    Cor I bet wrapping that treadmill up was a big job ! :-D xxx

  • Awwww - thanks! It wasn't wrapped (lazy monkey, my hubby!) I had to stand with my eyes shut as he and the 2 kids pushed it into position. I really did start to wonder what they were doing :)

    The kids were loving having a go on it. My little girl was a little put out though when she realised it didn't move around the house as you were running ha ha ha ha

    For my birthday treat we went hill running - I thought of you!

  • Ha ha ! Oh how lovely :-) Sounds fab !

    Fancy trying to wrap a treadmill up ha ha ! :-)

    Hill Running - Brilliant ! Really feel like you've had a good workout after don't you ? :-) xxx

  • Not half! We went last week too and I could barely walk the day after. Feel OK today though so I'm obviously getting better at it :)

  • Update:

    Well went with hubby to work and started the run home fine. Then I realised how much colder it was and that it was affecting my breathing. Felt really out of breath for a while. Also, calf cramps happened, so it was more of a walk/run that a run/walk. Still, I did get out and will do again the same on a couple of mornings next week. Message to self - hat and gloves needed - also need to do a better warm up!

  • Well done Caro . Have you thought about getting a buff ?

    I have a cheap Aldi one that I use in the cold weather , just to stop the cold air getting on your lungs . I wear mine over my mouth for a bit , just till I get used to the air . I am not sure how it will affect your asthma though, maybe just give it a go and see how you go on ? :-) xxx

  • Have read that else where, so may well give that a try. Thanks.

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