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What a mess!!

Was supposed to be starting W9 last night however many things conspired against me and It didn't happen. To start with, I was working later than I usually do, with a very early start, so I suppose I was more tired than I would normally be going for my after work run (no time in the morning as I was due in work at 8). Secondly, I stupidly forgot to take charger to work with me so by the time I got home and attempted to load music & C25K on phone, it was more or less flat!! However, I thought, no, don't be disheartened, get going!! so I did. 5 minute warm up walk done and into first few minutes of run and phone dies completely!!! no music...eeek :0, so I thought..ok just carry on don't panic, but for some reason, whether it was because I did panic with no music and no laura, my legs just wouldn't carry me and then I got an almighty stitch, I just felt completely defeated and gave up :(

Thats the first time through this whole program that ive actually given up on a run and I hated myself last night, I felt cheated as well because I missed out on a run, as I have been enjoying it so much, and also upset because Ive now set myself back a day for graduating!!! In desperate need of some words of wisdom and comfort :p :p

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Don't stress about it. Missing 1 run isn't the end of the world, it just puts the time to complete back a couple of days. Get everything ready so your next run is a bit smoother and go out and enjoy it. Once you have completed w9 r1 the rest is much easier. You KNOW you can do it. Are you gonna graduate on a parkrun?


Thought I would attempt a parkrun once I have C25K completed, but I may have company in the form of my local running club, if I pluck up the courage to go with my brother, haven't decided yet, but thanks so much for the encouragement, this site is so fantastic for the support available from everyone :)


Hi Jules. Have a word with yourself!! You've so very nearly completed the whole program without giving up at any stage, you were tired, stressed, flustered and wound up yet still were brave enough to have a go at it. That shows remarkable determination and spirit and I cannot sit back and let you beat yourself up. You should be damn proud of yourself for even attempting it in that mindset, and there's certainly no dishonour in occasionally having to concede defeat when you just cannot force yourself forward. Better that than risk injury and a lengthy lay-off.

I too failed yesterday evening - having completed half a dozen 5K runs over the last couple of weeks I just had to stop after just 2K for some reason. A combination of a bad day at work, a bad night's sleep the night before and the temperature sapping my energy I think, but who knows? We all have a bad 'un now and again!!

Don't fret if your phone runs out of juice again - embrace the change, make sure you're running at a comfortable pace (i.e. slow enough and not tempted to push too hard without a beat to run to) and enjoy the added attraction of sounds as well as sights on the run. If you're anything like me any distraction from the discomfort is a welcome boost!

Above all remember just what fantastic progress you've made and how much fitter you are now compared to when you started. You should be immensely proud of everything you've done and if the occasional spanner gets in the works just shrug it off, have a good old walk instead to cool down and stretch the legs out and simply resolve to give it another shot next time because you know you are hugely capable.

You can definitely, definitely do it. You are so, so close!!! Good luck to you, and keep your eye on the prize!

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Aww your reply has made me feel heaps better, thank you SO much for your lovely reply, your right, it is my first epic fail and maybe I was a bit hard on myself. Isnt it mad how 2 days can be so very different, on Saturday morning I had the best run so far and I felt incredible!! I will not give up and yes, I will just be a day later graduating, so what!! Thanks again and good luck with your next run, heres hoping we both do better :) onwards & upwards!!!


That's more like it! Tally-ho, best foot forward and all that!!


Bad runs just happen - and it sounds as if things were stacked against you. Forget about it! Your next run will be just fine. Running is for life, it really doesn't matter when you graduate😀

No talk of failure allowed!


Lol, thanks I feel better after talking to you lot!! And yes I'm looking forward to my usual morning run tommorow as its my day off :) and no your right, theres no rush to finishing its just when you set it out in your head and it doesnt go to plan, but hey ho! doesnt matter, I know I'm not on my own as the support on here and the encouragement you get from Laura is second to none and I am so happy with how far ive come since February.


You'll be fine next time. Your head does play tricks on you. Mental fatigue and the 'stressing' about the lack of the podcast just tipped you over the edge this time.

It isn't really a big deal.


Yes I know, it had been a particularly stressful day in work and I was tired, so I should have postponed really but never mind, tommorow is another run day :)


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