First 10 mile race

First 10 mile race

Just completed first ever 10 mile race through centre of Edinburgh in 1:49:58. Over the moon with time Loved it loved it loved it! Can you tell I had great time? Was very worried about going up Mound - steep hill but that was ok . Hardest bit was 7.5 -8 mile and last 300 metres and they both completely flat so what's that about. I seemed to get slower and slower there but was fine on hills and there were lots of hills on route. Haven't stopped eating since I finished though. Feeling great


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41 Replies

  • Yay fabulous news. The Mound sure is a steep one, I struggle to walk up it somedays never mind run up it.

    Well done!

  • Thanks Noaky It's been praying on my mind but running it actually seemed easier than when I've walked it in the past It was funny hearing comments of other runners though - obvious who hadn't been to edinburgh before as they were suprised how many hills there were

  • What a fantastic achievement and a well earned bit of bling :) well done

  • Thank you goon Must say I do feel quite chuffed with myself Never thought i would be able to run so far let alone take part in such big race

  • Well done Fitfor60 great achievement

  • Thank you c4ts Suprised myself how quick the time and distance passed

  • Well done Missus ! You should be feeling very very proud of yourself after that, and quite rightly so !

    Many Congratulations and love the bling . Memories to treasure, hey ? :-)

    Here , have a Tunnocks Teacake ( my current fave biscuit ! ) :-) xxx

  • I want one too. (Sulk).

  • I would offer to share mine mfamilias Oh no too late sorry it's gone

  • Thanks for biccy poppy pug. Just add to all rest in my tum . If. It's not nailed down it's getting eaten

  • Well done m'dear, great medal too. :)

  • Was bit worried when got home Ancient mum cos thought I had missed the giving out of medals but alls well cos it was in bottom of goody bag

  • Wow! Well done you xx

  • Thanks useitorloseit really enjoyed the whole experience

  • Well done! I'm in awe of anyone who can run 30 minutes without stopping; I've walked up the Mound and I was pooped so can't imagine what it's like do run it! Enjoy the fooding, and admire that medal - you've worked hard for it:-)

  • The mound bit has really been worrying me for wee while so was totally suprised that found two wee flat bits harder. Do you live in edinburgh mfamilias or just visiting?

  • Great job FF60.

    Looks like a nice, solid and traditional piece of bling too. Hope you are, rightly, proud of yourself.

  • Got to say dead chuffed Dunder My grandsons really love playing with my medals

  • Congratulations on what sounds like a fab run, loving the bling! (When I get 5 mins I'm making myself a medal holder board with chalk board paint for PB times and a clip for race numbers :D I have all the stuff bar the board) Enjoy the food pig out, it's definitely well deserved :)

  • Medal holder sounds great idea Lovefood. Feeling bit stuffed now to be honest and still have profiteroles to go - Alan bought them to celebrate so be rude not eat them But as you know my problem is trying to get back on track re food Oh well as someone once said 'tomorrow is another day'

  • I am in awe! Well done you. You have inspired me to kick myself up the backside and get going. Oh wait, feels like I've dislocated my hip. Maybe next week then...

  • Oh TT you know you want to get going Remember first step is hardest Once you get out door you'll be so glad

  • Ok. You've shamed me into it FF60. Tomorrow then! watch this space

  • You've said it now so you have to do it TT

  • Sorry f460. I am hopeless! Six days later I finally managed a week 4 run. Will I keep going? Who knows. I am a feeble weak-willed failure :-(

  • Repeat after me TT ' I am not a failure' Maybe run wasn't as soon as you had hoped but hey you still got out there . We all go through times when life gets in the way of we misplace our mojo. Just keep plodding and one day it will click back into place. We all really guilty of being too hard on ourself . Try and plan 1 run this week and see what happens Good luck

  • Thanks ff60. Being gentle on myself is not in my nature but I will try to introduce that concept this year.

  • Well done!!!! Love the medal. Sorry about the hills! They put such a crimp on the proceedings don't they.

  • Thanks misswobble It's hard to avoid hills in Edinburgh so quite used to them but for some reason all last week I was even dreaming about going up the Mound. Was talking to a man who was struggling up last hill and he said doing the GNR although longer was much easier.

  • Finisher! I like that! Blimmin well done! xx

  • I'm a real plodder curlygurly so knew I would finish but was bit worried in case I would find it really difficult but have to say really enjoyed the day.

  • Well done FF60. Hills add a challenge and flats are just boring, so you were obviously in your element.

  • Many congratulations to you!!!

    May you always find hills to run up :-)

  • Thanks Bo peep if you ever been to edinburgh you know it's not short of hills In fact quite hard to find flat route

  • Think you right MrT Havnt done that many races but couple of weeks ago ran 13k race completely on flat and that felt much much longer and actually harder

  • Hat's off to you! Well done and lovely bling :) I've visited Edinburgh a few times and taken a wander up (and down) the hills so that's a fine achievement you have there m'dear! :)

  • Thanks hilbean

  • Well done on Sunday's race. You'll have no problem in May! Tricky route on Sunday though with the Mound , cobbles etc! Are you still training in the Pentlands?

  • Just done 3 long runs there but hopefully more to come Cathryn . Only going there if jogscotland leader organises. I wouldn't go by myself as worried I would get lost. Have to say tried to get on pavements when cobbles approached. Loved the route and would def do it again. Enjoyed rock choir and pipers at every mile

  • amazing! well done!

  • Thanks op 2015

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