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My surprise 10k

Last weekend I spent 2 days exploring Brisbane City. On the Sat morning I got up early to go for a run. I've entered an 8k run on 10/5 so have been gradually increasing my distance and the best I had done to date was 7k. So, I took off just expecting to run that distance not anticipating what would happen. I was running a new route along the river with great views of the city. There was so much to see, that I wasn't focusing on my distance and when I checked the distance I had reached 7k.... but wasn't ready to finish. I kept on going and before I knew it I had run 8k but was nowhere near to where I started so kept on running.... and running and when I reached 9k figured that I might as well keep going as I felt good and before I knew it I reached 10k! This was so unexpected and I was so thrilled that I done 10k...... I then had a 2k walk back to the apartment but I was walking on air by then! After a shower and breakfast I spent the day with my husband walking around Brisbane and by the end of the day had done 38,000+ steps.... I am so very proud of what I have done and love that I can share this with everyone as I know you will understand exactly how I feel about this achievement.

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You seem to be progressing quite nicely over the past 5 months!! :) I also ran along the Brisbane River today , at the new Seventeen Mile Rocks park - only a short slow 5K as I did a fairly hard 5K yesterday at parkrun. The weather has fooled us a little this week - it seemed like Autumn had arrived for a few days - it was so nice to run early morning at only 18C. But today I had to run around noon - and it was a bit of a struggle for me - don't know what the temp was but I think it was back up to around 27C and high humidity (again!!)

have you been to a parkrun yet???


Hi Bazza, sorry for the late response... I take my granddaughter to the Seventeen Mile Rocks park on a Monday or Tuesday, it's a fantastic park, we both love it there. One day I'll go for a run there when I'm on my own (not experienced enough to run and push a pram). Yes the weather has been fooling us, it now seems to have settled back to beautiful warm days and cooler nights and mornings. Which is good as I can now go out at 6.00 am when it's light and enjoy my run. In answer to your question about the parkrun, I did two in Feb but it was so hot I have been volunteering since then. Now the mornings are cooler I might give it a go again this Sat. I am on track for the Mother's Day Classic 8k run in two weeks, looking forward to it!


Ha! The running gods were smiling on you today. Isn't it just great when that happens!😃


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