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Wk2 R3 and beautiful weather

I couldn't have chosen a better time of year to begin running. Easter holidays (I'm a teacher!) and fab weather with trees looking fantastic everywhere. My daughter and I completed our run tonight in great spirits. She has one more run to do for wk 2 so I will probably do it with her and move on to wk 3 next Wednesday.

Felt pretty great running tonight but I really need to sort out my playlist - keep getting some rather bizarre music coming up!!

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It is definitely a great time of year to be out running :D


Well done Pip (and daughter), followed a mother and daughter around the parkrun today (i.e struggled to keep up with them). Lovely to see.


well done on your progress so far. It is indeed lovely to be running in such great weather and with all the new spring time explosion into life. Good luck with the programme. For the playlist, I found it very helpful to create a running playlist with all the songs that spurred me on (including a couple of good paced tracks towards the end of the 30 minutes to give a spurt if there energy is left!!)


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