Replacement shoes

Replacement shoes

I got my replacement shoes yesterday, the shop manager didn't seem to be too interested in my problem, I offered to show her, but she said no, that's ok..eventually I insisted and took my sock off, and she was we went to look at replacement magic shoes, apparently I already had the biggest, widest shoes in the shop (is that possible? I'm tall and fairly well built but not a giant..) The only thing she could offer me was the same shoe in the men's version, if that doesn't suit she says she doesn't know what else to do for me...

So, I took them for a little hop around this morning, 5K, I didn't really feel like going out but off I went. They don't seem to rub my toe joint so far but they do feel really heavy. Certainly not magic...maybe it was because I didn't feel like running, maybe it's because I don't like them as much as the others, maybe it's any number of things that put me off. I'm keeping an open mind for the moment

On the subject of the other pair I returned 5 weeks ago (Asics 2000s) because they wore out after only 300KM, she tells me that she is still waiting to see if Asics will refund me for them. I reminded her I will be leaving the country in 5 weeks, so we need an answer before then, and if they won't refund I will take them back as they are great for walking in, she told me she had to cut the tongue out of one of them... can you believe that? They had better give me my money back or they will see a very cross Curly....


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  • dont think i will go there next week for my new shoes next time try up and running or advanced performance

  • ATM, I'm trying to get my money's worth for the original shoes I bought there.. they've been pretty helpful, I think it's just her way of speaking if you know what I mean.. I think maybe I just look like a moaner who's never satisfied, but that IS there deal - if the shoes aren't right bring them back.. they cost enough!

  • Where is Advanced Performance? I know Up and Running, they seem quite good.

  • Advanced performance are at Gusto Mills, behind the beefeater on Huntingdon road, you turn up the lane just before the beefeater car park, I went there, brilliant they are, I would definitely recommend them , be warned though, I was knackered when I came out!


  • Thank you xx

  • Finding Us:

    We are on Huntingdon Road (A1307), between Cambridge City Centre and Girton, situated behind the Beefeater Restaurant/Premier Inn and opposite the Felix Hotel.

    Bus Route – 1A, Citi5, Citi6 or try these retail chain supplying running gadgets, technical clothing and the latest trainers.

    Address: David Lloyd Leisure, Coldham Lane Business Park, Cambridge CB1 3LH

    Phone:01223 415345

    Hours: Open today · 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

  • Thank you xx

  • no problem hope it helps sweatshop have a 3 month returns

  • 3 months? That's good, thanks xx

  • oh my - why did she the cut the tongue out? that makes no sense unless asics agreed a refund and wanted said tongue. what shop is this? i hope these are better for you

  • Apparently Asics told her to, she didn't return them to Asics and apparently this stops her selling them on to someone else or something....I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for the moment,

  • Gosh I hope this sorts itself out. I would try the new shoes again when you are more in the mood but it is difficult when you have paid a lot of money and are disappointed. Good Luck. Linda

  • Are you sure that you are getting good advice from the shop? I say this because I have narrow feet and I had 2 different shops independently tell me to go for ASICS or Addidas because they use narrower lasts than other manufacturers. This doesn't seem to equate with the advice you've been getting from a shop where you are obviously having problems. I'm not saying that the advice I've been given directly contradicts yours (both shops took one look at my feet and came out with the same statement - I went to the second because the first admitted straight away that there was nothing they had that would fit and they didn't want me coming back repeatedly asking to exchange shoes). I think it may be better in the long term to get a 2nd opinion from elsewhere. It can't hurt.

  • Yes, I think that's what I will do, I don't think they have understood my problem - it's not the width of the shoe, it's the height/depth if you know what I mean. They are rubbing on the top of my toe, not the side. I'm sure they'll get fed up of me sooner or later (sooner probably)

  • I am feeling quite cross now, and my other foot is beginning to hurt in the same place. I fear that the Brooks shoes are responsible and caused a problem for my foot. I'm really not willing to have a matching pair of lumpy feet! I have been patient up till now, but at the end of the day my contract is with the shop not Asics and they have destroyed my shoes, which were mis-sold in the first place..... I'm going to ask for both pairs to be refunded. it's nearly 200 quid after all...

  • Good for you Curly. There is a massive difference between a shoe being too narrow and a shoe being too shallow. I'm no expert but that's bloomin' obvious. Good luck m'dear. I hate complaining but sometimes it just has to be done.

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