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Aching legs and new shoes - Update

I posted a few weeks ago about my aching legs and how this seemed to coincide with the purchase of some new Asics after running in them for a few weeks. Well... I went back to Runnersneed and they were very helpful and were keen to help where they could.

As neither of us could confirm 100% the cause of my aching legs at that time they suggested I switch back to my older Sports Direct shoes (Karrimor Duma) for 2 weeks. From the very first run in my old shoes the pain disappeared and I've been fine for every run since. :-)

When I first returned my shoes I took my old ones in and the main difference that I could see was that the sole was much stiffer on the Asics than my old ones, so perhaps I need a more "lightweight" flexible shoe?

Today when I visited Runnersneed they offered to exchange them for a different pair of shoes or give me a refund. The replacement shoes that they suggested seemed very similar to the Asics (very firm sole etc) so I opted for a refund for now until I can work out what to do next... suggestions welcomed! Do I just buy shoes of the shelf that feel like my old ones??? My GA didn't show any major problems, so perhaps neutral shoes will be fine.

I must say that Runnersneed have been brilliant throughout this process.

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I'd find out online what type of shoe they had sold you (I.e. Check it's neutral) and then aimed with this information I'd visit a load of shops looking at neutral shoes until you find a pair that are flexible and feel right. If you can find a shop with the same returns policy as runnersneed even better in case they aren't right either. If it's a stability shoe though that you needed I'd be more careful, I had a casual chat with a salesperson in my local running store and not all stability shoes are the same, some come with more or less stabilising depending on how much you need so harder for the likes of me to switch around willy nilly without having my gait analysed again :S Hope you find a comfortable pair soon :)


Well. Thank goodness you know what you are dealing with now. I think you should check the characteristics of the old trainer and copy them. Clearly you need shock absorber rather than stiff sole. So what about neutral piston with gel - there are loads of those on the market. Just remember your old ones will have compressed by now. The problem with karrimoor is that, Im my experience there shoes are not reproducible -

Good to hear about a positive experience with the shop- to be fair this is what your rights are.


Pleased that Runnersneed were so helpful/understanding.

If you get on well with the Karrimors, why not just get another pair or two of those? SportsDirect have an extra special offer on the at the moment.


Great to have that kind of positive experience with a retailer.


That's great. Glad they were helpful and you got your pennies back. Don't really know what to suggest though I'm afraid. Could they not suggest a different brand to try?


If you need neutral shoes can I suggest you try Brooks Ghost, I got these when I was having trouble with PF and they are fab. Generally very good reviews as well, and if you look around you can find Ghost 6 for reasonable price.


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