Hello Miss Wobble & friends

Sorry I've been absent for so long, its JuJu's fault that I'm back!! :) Thanks sharp eyed Miss Wobble for spotting my reply on her post and waving, I was just intending dipping in, leaving a comment and disappearing again.

I had a year on the injury bench due to PF, it crippled me I spent hundreds £'s on treatments, night splint, insoles, Sports Therapist and finally NHS Physio who proclaimed it would take months to sort which it did. At one point there was talk of surgery but Physio was so impressed with my determination and dedication to my exercises and it all paid off in the long run (pun intended for once).

January I got back to run/walk intervals and I'm back up to 5K's 3 times a week, albeit slowly about 40 minutes but I'm just happy to be back out there. I never had aspirations to run long distances so will be happy to plod along and perhaps one day work my way back up to 10K.

I can't expect a lot of improvement at my age but live in hope. I have a huge challenge ahead of me in June as my Gym Buddy has roped me into doing the RFL, distance not a problem, the crowds are another matter all together, if I manage to survive without a breakdown/meltdown I will have overcome a lifetime hurdle - eeeekkkkkk what have I done!?!

I confess that this site causes me great stress its slower than my running, it took me 3 days to get logged on to put a comment on JuJu's post and ages to find her first one on the Marathon, most frustrating.

Take care, happy running everyone :)



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28 Replies

  • Hello old girl (Liz)! How lovely to hear from you again. I ws thinking of you the other day so you must be psychic! How fantastic that you are back running and 3 times a week too! That's brilliant.

    It might take you a wee while to catch up with all the posts though.....

    Welcome back. You've been missed.

  • So it was yourself that made my ears burn was it!?! :) The 3 times a week is slow I have 10 minutes to try and knock off my today's time to get back to what I was running in 2013 but never say never. :)

  • Wow! I take my hat off to you, you're made of sterner stuff than I am.

    Lesser mortals like me would have given up and spent the rest of my life bemoaning my fate and wallowing in self pity but with determination like yours there's going to be no stopping you! I'm truly humbled.

  • I'm loving your name Usain_Balti and if you had been on this site when it and I first started you would know that C25K and I are like Ground Hog Day, I have done it completely twice, a third time missing out odd runs in the early stages all due to either illness or injury. I think I'm a bit of an expert at rewind/replay ;) But I have a passion and that's running, I'm just so very sorry I didn't take it up earlier in my life. I was 3 weeks off my 60th birthday when I started this running malarkey and hope to still be able to run in my 70's, we can all dream and its our dreams that keep us going. Happy running :)

  • Like Irishprincess, I too was thinking that it was a long time since you posted here and began to fear that the dreaded PF had won out and you had hung up your running shoes. I am so glad that I am wrong and I really should have known better......you always exhibited iron determination in overcoming injury and that grit will see you through your next challenge too. Good luck OG.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Hello dear friend, I hope you are well, running often and trouble free I hope. It was a long slog Ianno and when they started talking possible surgery I thought that was it. But you know I think that was the point when I decided "over my dead body" It wasn't easy, its not an easy fix when it got as bad as mine had as my whole foot was collapsing, but we (physio and I) won the battle so I could run again :) ;)

  • Health Unlocked is now complete again!!!

  • Lovely to see you back OG and so glad you are running. I still think of you when I get my weighted hoop out! X :-)

  • Haha I took my down to the garage yesterday and fitted it altogether, ready for some action, its ages since I used mine. Happy running and hula hooping you have no excuse not to no-excuse ;)

  • you have done so well, and also its been so good having your support on FB too. I am so glad you are running again as I know how much you love it....and I think you need a new computer??? xxx

  • Can't afford a new computer JuJu I've had to buy more running shoes :) ;)

  • Hello, I remember you :) !

    Sorry to hear you've been on the IC for so long. It must have been soooo frustrating.

    But what a relief to back on your running feet. Hope it continues to go well.

    Take care :) xx

  • Liz

    Do you have any understanding as to why your injury happened??? If for no other reason but to avoid injury again. :)

    I have been very lucky injury wise since I started 15 months ago. Some small amount of shin splints in the first few weeks has been about all! I don't know why -- am I a perfect runner?? :) Hardly!!! I suspect that essentially I have strong legs , feet, ankles , etc - but I don't know. I have read a lot about the "skill" of running and how it should be done and try to do what I have read - but I am slow and I have been very conservative in my attempts over 5 &10K. I still don't really know what I want to do with my running -- it would be nice to find some sociable aspect of running which doesn't involve competitiveness.

    Anyway - great to hear that you are back on the upper decks and look forward to hearing more from you - us oldies have to stick together!! :)

  • Hi Bazza I saw 3 experts in the field of the human anatomy due to my foot problem and all 3 identified the same problem which was tight and inflamed Achillies & Soleus which was a puzzle to them that I only had the problem in one foot, my after run stretches were always treated the same way for both legs. Then the NHS Physio found a further problem in the sole of my foot which was starting to cause my toes to clump together. Thankfully the wearing of solid orthotics stopped the progression of this, I still wear them in every day walking shoes but find them too ridged to run in.

    My after run stretches have not changed but I use a tennis or golf ball to roller if and when I feel its needed.

    I'm treating my feet with care and not running continuously but using the Galloway Method of intervals the ratio being 5 minutes very brisk warm up walk 60 seconds run/ 30 seconds brisk walk intervals which I will reduce to 15 seconds in time repeated until I've reached my set distance. This ration is not cast in stone and if I have a downhill on route I take advantage of it, then return to intervals as and when I'm back on the flat. All a question of listening to your body, feet included :)

    PF is a really strange condition and can erupt at any time and most experts maintain it usually takes a year to settle and resolve itself, I guess I must be a classic example :)

    Sorry to have rabbited on but you all know what I'm like. :)

  • The subject of "stretching" is quite a contentious one in running circles. Most discussion of it does not seem to be supported either way by any kind of real science. I have read people say that they do it and it makes them feel good - I have read medicos who say that it can and often does lead to injury . I have tried it myself - and couldn't feel it doing anything for me - positive or negative. So I basically don't stretch at all - I tend to simply make sure I do good warmup and cool down runs before and after any strenuous running For an easy long run, I just launch straight into it at at a gentle pace until I feel "warmed up" . I can't even imagine using things like foam rollers and golf balls :) I often get the feeling that there is a lot of "voodoo" practice going on within some running circles :)

  • No voodoo Bazza the ball works like massage to reduce inflammation and promote circulation. There are expensive pieces of equipment on the market but if you look at these gadgets and use your imagination you can usually save yourself a small fortune. I have been sporty all my life but most of it was swimming and after a long distance swim I would still have done some simple stretches, for me its a natural action to take, but we are not all the same and what is good for one person could be bad for another. :)

  • Anyone who has suffered injury and feels they might be happier doing intervals for a while might find this App very useful, simple to set up and use. I downloaded the basic which was free


    Happy running everyone.

  • Hi OG ! Oh I remember the photos you posted of you doing your rowing machine at the gym !

    I am so pleased that you are back up and running again, that is brilliant news !

    Good to hear from you again, and its nice to see your happy smiley face again .

    Take care and Happy Running ! :-) xxx

  • I still row poppy not as often as I would like though, this running malarkey is getting in the way :) :) :)

  • Thought I spotted you the other day then decided I was getting confused. Glad you are out and about again - and well done on the perseverance. Many happy runs ahead I hope.

  • Great to see you again. Glad your getting out and about after your injury. I am a big fan of the run/walk doing a HM that way in a few weeks. Happy running and my you stay happy and healthy.

  • Thank you RFC which race are you doing? There were a few of C25K runners did Brighton Marathon last weekend while Julia was doing Paris. We downloaded a tracking App so we could track each runner as they made progress. We had wonderful fun updating, it read a bit like the Grand National. Sadly the Paris tracking App didn't work so we were out of touch with Julia until after she had crossed the line and word filtered through that she was finished.

    Very best of luck for your race :)

  • I am doing the hackney HM. I like the idea of the app sounds fun. With my speed I am sure lots of cups of tea could be consumed on my way round. Hehe, I will always be a plodder.

  • Hey Oldgirl - good to hear from you. So sorry that you've had such a battle, but how lovely that you are out running again. A RFL should hold no fears for a lady of your determination!

  • Yay! Welcome back! I'm so glad to hear you're mended and able to run 5k's again :) yipeeeeeeee!

  • Way to go old girl.

    What an inspiration to all of us dragging ourselves from the injury bench.

    Keep it up, but gently

  • Nice to hear from you again Old girl 😄. I'm so pleased the PF hasn't beaten you! I have been a sufferer too in the past but my own fault for wearing ballerina shoes. I'm just starting to get out running again now the cold weather and winds are dispersing. Like you I have no great aspirations to achieve any records.

    I just enjoy the challenge of running and improved stamina/ fitness. Your advice on listening to your own body is well recommended to avoid Injury. I regularly have brief intervals where I need to stretch out my back. Take care and enjoy being back out there.Good luck with your RFL.

  • Nice to hear from you too VD take it easy as you get back into your running 😃 I'm not sure where I can hire some 'nerves of steel' from for my RFL it's not the running but the crowds and there was over 6000 last year, I must be mad 😁

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