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On a break (ouch)

I started C25K 3 weeks ago the second week i repeated week one to improve my breathing before moving on to week two, at thinned of the week i was SO chuffed with me progress excited about starting week 2 (3) and woke up Wednesday (last week) morning in agony with massive ankles. Posted here and decided to take a break until swelling went down. On Tuesday morning after NO sleep due to pain and a week of swelling and shuffling instead of walking I went to the doctor :'( some medical term for being a lazy ass for a long time and getting up off my butt too fast! Fluid on both ankles and knees and one ankle has to be X-rayed if the swelling donst go down by Friday.

So three days into a course of fluid tablets & Difeene Im feeling much better but still a bit sore.. the doc said take it slowly (when i start backl) bit disheartened , raring to go had signed up for a charity 5 k this sunday (just a a walk)

So i guess if you are struggling remember to take it easy and at your own pace, :) don't do yourself an injury.

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A cautionary tale indeed!

I picked up an injury at the start of week 3 and as much as you are frustrated now, I think you will look back on it as a positive. Going forward, it does help you to understand and respect your limits and abilities.

All the best.

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hopefully :) be back in no time. hope you have recovered :)


Ouch - sorry you had to "learn the hard way". Hope you'll be up and enjoying running again soon.


Fingers crossed :) thanks so much


Painful lesson learned MG!

Sorry to hear that, but sure it will only be a temporary set back.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.


I hope its just temporary as of today I'm looking forward to getting back out there :) hope it doesn't happen again :/ thanks OG ;)


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