On a break - sensible or wuss?

Well, tonight was meant to be week 3, run 2, but the knee that hurt a bit after run 1 on Sunday hurt a lot yesterday and today. My plan was to still go out this evening and see how it was, but when I tried to jog the few paces from car to front door earlier I realised that was maybe not a good idea. I'm gutted to be honest - I was really enjoying this and thinking I was making progress, but this has knocked me back quite a bit. I do have a history of knee trouble (cartilage out when I was 17) and am concerned that even if I rest for a week or two it'll just flare up again. I also feel that I'm that early in the programme that any sort of a lay off will leave me having to start again. I will carry on, once the knee's improved, but any advice from anyone who may have had similar issues will be gratefully received. Thank you.


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10 Replies

  • Cookie, I think you are being very sensible having a break .

    Have a couple days rest, it could be just " new runners niggles " I know you must be very disappointed but please don't risk running on it . Better a few days off now than weeks on the Injury Couch .

    Would you consider maybe seeing a sports physio if it didn't improve ? xxx

  • Thanks Poppy. I'm going to do the knee strengthening exercises while I'm not running, and maybe try just walking as well. Hopefully I'll be ok to pick up from where I left off, but even if I have to go back to week one it's not a disaster. I'd definitely consider a sports physio - I have a Facebook friend who's a sports therapist so if that's not the same thing he should at least be able to recommend someone.

  • Oh great stuff Cookie , yes go for it :-) xxx

  • It sounds like you are doing all the right things. I put off running for years because of a history of knee problems, but can honestly say my knees are stronger now than ever before, after three years running. Learning to run is also a matter of learning about your body and how to make it do what you want it to do. Professional advice may well be very valuable. Caution is wise.

  • i had knee pain that stopped me running for a week between wk8 & wk9 (last day of wk 9 this weekend hopefully) .. i found some NHS knee strengthening exercises and they helped loads. I'd say rest, recover, strengthen & try again .. doesnt look like you are far from me .. let me know how you get on .. i can recommend a sports injury clinic if need be.

  • Thanks Rob - it does look like we're close according to the 'people close to me' thing. I'm in Dunholme and have a nice route that takes me around Welton for about 3 miles, and a shorter one that's around 2. I'll let you know if I need sports injury clinic info, thank you.

  • I had knee and ankle niggles. I rested my knee but I found it hurt even if I didn't run so I thought I would just try it out and see if I could run it off. I did! As you progress gently through the programme hopefully you can lose the niggles.

    If it's really painful, rather than a dull ache, it sounds as if you're wise to rest up for a bit.

  • Take the break, as poppypug says, better to be sensible.. we have all had the knee niggles, or many of us anyway. Best not to ignore them.. Knee still niggling, walk away, time to run another day! :) Hope it sorts soon x

  • Thanks for all the good advice everyone. I'm feeling more positive today - knee still hurts but going to just walk my route this evening, see how that feels. I've also realised that I don't need to get wrapped up in the nine week thing, it'll take as long as it takes. And as someone at work said to me today, I'm doing it to get healthier and fitter, no other reason.

  • I had a couple of weeks off around week 9 due to knee aches. I still get them from time to time, not pains though.

    My knees ache more if I run on the pavements. I'm usually ok when running, it's several hours later that the aches start.

    Maybe try running on grass or on a treadmill (which is more cushioned) to see if it helps. I'd recommend buying a knee support from Boots or somewhere similar.

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