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Week 3 completed: tough


Just completed week 3: the first run was great, run 2 was blooming awful but I got through it. Today was ok. Lungs are feeling pretty good, although I finish on a hill (run 2 was in the dark so had to avoid my warm up unlit track so started further up the hill, meaning a longer uphill finish). I sometimes get a bizarre pain/spasm in my neck: right up where the muscles attach at the base of my skull at the back. I felt it starting before half way today but managed to stall it by thinking about my posture and relaxing my shoulders as much as I could. Knee is reasonable but not perfect. I feel like my body is finding this tougher than my my heart and lungs are 🙁 Will try and have an extra day’s rest before venturing into week 4 with a little trepidation....

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Well done! And great that you could feel the difference between the first one of the week and the third.

A "pain in the neck" isn't uncommon at the beginning and is probably to do with nerves and fear! Deliberately relaxing does help.

molly1973Graduate in reply to AnneDroid

Thank you x


Don’t fear week 4... you’re ready, you can do it! I find YTW exercises (standing ones, I’m not crazy) help with the neck and shoulder area and they’re fairly easy, low impact.

Great job today... enjoy an extra non running day and your next run.

molly1973Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you. Trouble is, by giving myself an extra rest day pushes my next run to a potential hangover as I’m at a charity ball on Saturday! Not a good plan!! If I run as planned on Saturday morning I might not be able to walk in my heels (or at all)! First world problems, eh?!

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to molly1973

Well... take your rest day... rest and drink your extra rest day... then have an rest and hydration day on Sunday... run Monday!

molly1973Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

There’s a plan!

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to molly1973

And if it’s a really really good Saturday, rinse and repeat Sunday and run Tuesday 😂

A small break is good from time to time.


I was scared of week 4, each new week seems to jump and I would tell myself that there must be a mistake in the app for a jump to 5 minutes.

You’ve got this. Believe in the programme and in yourself. Slow and steady. My legs are finding this harder than my lungs - which surprises my asthmatic self!

I’m starting week 3 tomorrow. Should have gone today but putting it off. Your post gave me some encouragement. Thanks. Good luck with week 4.

Great! I've just wk3r1 so seeing you achieving is helping me.

molly1973Graduate in reply to Marina999

Thanks guys! I survived it (even dare I say enjoyed it?!)

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