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My first 5k:)

I graduated yesterday and whilst obviously happy, I wanted to know if I could run the elusive 5k I had hoped for.

I attempted it today. I had no grand ideas because I'd only graduated yesterday with a struggle and wasnt sure if I had another run in me. My first 5k race is in june and my goal is 36mins so I wanted to know how far off I was now.

I started off slow and plodded on. I was watching the distance counter tick by slowly and thinking I am never going to last the 5km. But I carried on. Then halfway through I realised I wasnt struggling and hadnt done since the start. 2.5kms had flown by. So I upped the pace. Then I realised although my app was guiding me through a 5km run, the distance counter was showing in miles. I'd done nearly 2.7 miles before I realised this. The rest was easy :)

Final time was 35:59. 1 sec less than my June target. Whilst I understand this is slow to a lot of you, I personally am over the moon. I was expecting 43:00 ish based on my pace.

I could have probably uppe the pace a lot sooner but at least I have a good chance at improving on this time

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Well done!

I haven't quite made 5k within 30 mins yet, but I can see the finishing point, so I think I must be running at a similar pace to you. I know it is quite slow, comparatively, but it feels plenty fast enough to me, at the moment.


Running a set distance is a whole difference thing to running to a set time. It seems a lot easier to focus. C25k is one of the hardest things I've done. Once you are through the plan things get interesting :) hope you get your graduation badge soon x


Well Done on the Graduation and the Post Graduation 5k. It feels different running for fun instead of to the programme doesn't it. I graduated a couple of weeks ago and I do 5k in around 36 minutes so I don't think this time is slow. :).


Well done! It's a great feeling when you hit that 5K mark isn't it.

You will easily reach your time target now :)


Excellent - isn't wonderful when we stop over thinking it and just let the body get on with it! Promise me you'll remember you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem & smarter than you think (pooh bear to piglet) xx


LOL, that must have been a WONDERFUL mistake to realise. Nice one! And congratulations with the great result, 5 km in 36 minutes is definitely not to be chuffed at!


That's absolutely fab. A great distance and a great time too. 35.59 is not slow. Well done!


Great stuff ddmm, another huge milestone.

A good rest now though, don't overdo it!


Not slow at all! I was overjoyed first time I beat the 36 min mark and my pb is still only 35.22. Hopefully down to 32 mins by the end of summer. Weel done and good luck!


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