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They make them tough in Skipton

Went to see the Skipton Triathlon yesterday. The weather was appalling - high winds and heavy rain. I'm told the ones who went out early faced snow and hail. The driest and warmest part of the course was probably the swim! And yet they kept on going! The young and the old, the fit and the not-so-fit, the stylishly sleek and the slightly overweight all kept going and fought their way through truly horrid conditions.

It's because of the Skipton Triathlon I started C25K at the beginning of the year. I could swim and cycle, but couldn't run for toffee. Knowing that I wouldn't be ready for yesterday's event, I'm hoping to compete in the September 'late Summer' event they run. Here's hoping the weather's a little better (and I'm a little fitter).

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Hey! I love how people constantly surprise you with what they can do :-) Now if they 'make 'em tough in Skipton' and you're local enough to be entering then I'm sure you're going to be tough enough :-) Happy training!


True Yorkshire grit - that's what it is !

Hope you get to take part in the September one . Good Luck John ! :-) xxx


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