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Moving to Week 2

Hi all

I have been inspired by many of the posts that I have read on here. I began my adventure a couple of weeks back by doing some 'walkie/runs' but last week started properly on c25k. So far, so good. Like many of you I have not really run since school, and only the odd bit then. I have been swimming over the last couple of years which has probably helped a little with my stamina.

I have been doing the 'runs' with my 18 year old daughter. She is home from Uni for Easter. I am a bit worried that when she goes back I will have to motivate myself and even worse, go out running on my own!!

I like the idea of chatting to others about the programme and hearing about your experiences.

My aim (and dream) is to be able to take part in the park runs.

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Hi Pip,

you'll be at a parkrun before you know it! You are off to a great start.

My advice is to do a weekly post here and also offer to volunteer at your local parkrun. That way you will get to know some of the people and it will fire you up to join in. The runs are always looking for volunteers. I did 3 stints as a volunteer before plucking up the courage to run in one.

Good luck and keep us informed of your progress!


Hi Pip, Im just about to enter week two too! Ive signed up for a pretty muddy 5k for cancer research in 9 weeks time so the pressure is on lol.

Good luck :)


which Pretty Muddy are you doing?


Tatton park


Well done! I am another off to start week 2 so we should all be posting each week together! Good luck this week all x


Hi everyone - thanks for the support. Good to know there are others out there at the same stage. It's a great time of year to be setting out on this journey.

Parkruns feel a long way off but I can actually see that it is a realistic goal if I stick to c25k!! Feeling good!!!!


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