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Running clubs!

Morning guys!!

Soo I was thinking about how best to improve my running, and considered joining a running club? Those of you already in them- what does it involve? What level of running should you be at before you join?

Theres no way i have the confidence to join at the moment, it took 4 people to get me to parkrun yesterday, haha.

Just for reference.

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Oh my god its afternoon!! haha sorry!! Somebody went out last night.....

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I'm a fully paid up member of the Groucho Marx view on clubs. I wouldn't want to join any club that would have me as a member..... For me, running is my thing. It's very personal and I achieve on my own. It even took me 18months just to do a Park run (which I have to admit I quite enjoyed).

I suspect I might be in a minority here, but just my two penn'orth...


Me too. And I still haven't done a Park Run ;)


Hi Op,

After graduating I found myself in a bit of limbo. I wanted to move on, but missed the structure of the C25K programme. I was happy with Parkruns but wanted to step up to 10K and was concerned about how to get there without damaging myself. I enquired at the local road running club and was invited to join them for an evening run (no obligation).

It was a 5k run and I finished 25th out of 48 (I think). There was one guy running who was recovering from a heart operation and quite a few who finished way slower than your parkrun time.

I have joined the club now and have had good advice and support about my preparations for 10k. In addition to 2 training evenings, one group go around the local parkruns. As a result I ran a new one yesterday, cheered on by their supporters got a new PB.

I am certainly pleased I joined.

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