Running candy

Running candy

I saw a runner on my way to work today. He wasn't fast but he looked strong and completely serene in his World.... He was wearing simple joggers and a hoodie. I was mesmerised by him- everything about the way he ran was perfect. I wanted to run to him and join in and then he disappeared into the park. I think it was love!!!

My favourite ever running scene from a film is from Shame- where Micheal Fassbender runs at night- he looked very similar to 'my' man....

Has anyone else encountered similar and do you have a favourite running film??

Ju- Ju



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  • nice

  • "The Naked Prey" (absolutely no nudity I hasten to add)

    An oldie - but very edge of the seat movie. :)

  • oooo I dont know that one, I will take a look later...

  • It's a bit gruesome to begin in an old fashioned movie way - but once the chase starts..what a new appreciation I have for those scenes, and what a thrill now that I can identify with the runners on even a very basic level. :)

  • I love "Run, Fatboy, Run" with Simon Pegg. Nothing serene about him, but did find him hilarious :-P And yeah, I know what you mean about wanting to join and how pleasant it can look!

  • I so love that film, its hilarious!!! I often think I need a man with a paddle to spur me on!!!

  • ROFL - I think THAT might elicit some rather naughty responses from some quarters ju-ju. πŸ˜‚

  • hahaha! Irish-John I can imagine!

  • Yes! One with an Indian accent! :-D And oh, the Silver Linings Playbook has a funny running scene too :D

  • Oh yes, and yes him ... and in the bin bag???!!!

  • Yup that one!

  • Just watched the trailer, now want to watch whole film!

  • I love that film. Epic. Particularly the moment when he's warming up for his first ever run outside his house in those wild blue skin-tight shorts.

  • I meet a very good runner on my trail,occasionally. He is a run instructor but oh so miserable. I smile 😁 and thumbs up πŸ‘ just to annoy him, po-faced miserable git 😁

    So, in answer to your question,, no! πŸ˜ƒ

    I am rubbish at filums.πŸŽ¬πŸ“½

  • Isn't it funny what we're captivated by now? I used to just have runner's envy - wishing I could run like that. Now that I'm part of the "club", I'm even more inspired by some that I see. I totally get what you're saying. x

  • Nope, no sexy runners here, but some scary running club ones who run in packs whilst chatting about what they've planned for dinner, or the lady I saw yesterday, who takes tiny steps but disappears over the horizon before I have the time to get anywhere near her.

  • There is the most beautiful model-style girl who runs near me who wears a teeny tiny crop top and hipster running tights. She's got a washboard stomach. She's tanned. She's got one of those pony tails. I actually drool when I see her. And I am a heterosexual female! What the poor men driving past her must feel I can't imagine.....

  • Two very cute hommes in France last summer... ( mfamilias must have missed them :))

  • Nothing cute running in my neck of the woods. They're mainly my age, or over, although I was overtaken by one young man last year who was at school with Kiddo and is now training to be a fireman. I'm not the cougar type.

  • Me neither.. haven't got the energy :)

  • When I used to do early morning runs I always used to run past "Newspaper Lady". She was all in black with a little black beanie on her head. She ran slightly faster than me but always looked so realxed and happy. We always smiled and waved as we went past each other. As my distances got higher I started running at a later time after breakfast and hardly ever saw her. Then out of the blue I was talking to this really elegant lady at a party and we started talking about our love of running. We had been talking for ages before we both realised we had been waving to each other for months. Hehe neither of us recognised the other all dressed up.πŸ˜€.

  • And that was when you said, 'oh, I didn't recognise you with your clothes on'.

  • Phoebe from Friends

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