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I have decided to see a chiropractor about my back.

I didn't run for 10 days and it got no better. I was on wk 6, run 2 when I decided to take some time off to see if it made my back any better and I decided on Wednesday to run again but started at wk 5, run 1. It went fine.

I set off to do wk 5, run 2 yesterday and had to stop 5 minutes in as my back was hurting whilst I ran (never done that before - it usually just hurts when I get up in the morning until around lunchtime).

I was out with a friend last night who recommended a chiropractor - she had had an agonisingly painful back but didn't know what she had done to it. She went to see the chiropractor who worked his magic in just one session. So I have left him a message and am hoping to go and see him asap.

I'm finding it so frustrating. I want to run. I should have been at wk 9 by now if I hadn't had to slow down and then take a break. I'm hoping to run tomorrow - I'll probably repeat wk 5, run 1 again - as long as the back is okay. I shall leave until mid afternoon in the hope that it will have loosened up by then.

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I know how that feels... been off for nearly 2 months, and now I just take it easy

See what the chiropractor says, but if it persists I would really recommend GP for referral to x-rays /MRI .

After spending a fortune by going for six months to an osteopath I found out (by finally going to check with my GP) that my problem can be helped with exercise and stretches only... no need to dish out money I do not have!


Oh that's sad Debih!

Take it steady and fingers crossed that your back is sorted soon.


Between the chiropractor I see (and now just for maintenance every couple of months), going to pilates once a week and the running, these things all sorted out the problems I had with my low back pain. I can certainly recommend seeing a chiropractor.


I'm going back to pilates on Thursday too.

I think its my core strength that has caused the problem.

I'm seeing the NHS physio on Tuesday about my tennis elbow so am going to mention it to her as well just to see what she says.


Good luck with the chiropractor. Hope it gets you sorted out and back running again x


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