Chiropractor love 💕

So I have been gingerly hovering by the IC this week, not sure whether to sit there or not since running on Tuesday morning and getting awful pain underneath the middle of my left foot. There's been a lot of pain relief and RICE but I literally couldn't weight bear on wed and Thurs.

My GP suspected plantar fasciitis but said it was very unusual to be on the outside edge of my foot not the arch or heel. Got some exercises to do and told no running until it was pretty much gone when I walked...could be months 😢

I went to my chiropractor this afternoon for my routine 6 weekly appt, (I twisted my pelvis 4 years ago in a car accident) and I mentioned it to her in passing when she asked how the running was going. She instantly changed her assessment, spend 5 minutes checking things out and concluded that my core is still weak (this is an ongoing issue), my pelvis/ right hip hasn't got used to the longer lengths of my runs so to compensate has tightened up my right leg muscles, so much so that it is now an inch shorter than my left making me run wonky...hence the sore foot! A few adjustments later, the pelvis is back straight again, muscles are loosened and unbelievably the foot pain is completely gone, not even a dull ache left! So much love for this woman!!

Roll on week the start of week 9 😬 (And some more planks!)

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22 Replies

  • I've always thought chiropractors and osteopaths were amazing. So glad she has helped you.

  • Wow! Had chiropractic years ago and definately rate it. Really good news for you.

  • They just seem to have such a great understanding of what you need to keep you moving, I am indebted to mine, after trying so much traditional medicine with my back for months, she has undoubtedly got my range of movement to a much better place than it was before.

  • So glad it seems sorted..Week you come😏

  • Thanks Oldfloss, it's better for now, I know it can definitely happen again so am a little wary but so pleased to be given "permission" to carry on with slowly. Are the strength and flex podcasts likely to help core strength do any of you think?

  • I still use them..not sure on specifics, but I find them effective😏

  • I love chiropractors, they got me right after a car crash too, good luck for your ultimate week.

  • Wow that's amazing Feelingsilly.

    So glad for you, wk 9 here you come! 👌

    Take care; slow slow & slower X

  • Fingers crossed Slinkyminky, will definitely be slow and slower 😬

  • So glad your story has a happy ending Feelingsilly 😀 I was thinking you must be close to graduation! Xx

  • Hey Biscuit0107! Nervous to go out tomorrow in case it all goes a bit pear shaped, my back has a habit of going into spasm when it stresses, but fingers crossed ...

  • Excellent. Good luck with week 9. Think I may visit one myself once mri scan results through. Fairly sure it's ok as feeling much better and managed a long walk today. Need some physio magic and confidence back! X

  • When do you get your results Bamb0014 ? Are you getting bored? I bet you will fly through it when you are better, but a good bit of chiro Magic seems to work wonders for me, and the confidence will come right back once you get those running shoes back on. Great news you can manage walks again x

  • Yes getting bored and losing faith😔Beginning to think I should do rowing and cycling, but couldn't resist a 5-10 step run today to see if I could actually break into a run still!?! Hope results through in next day or two. May sneak to treadmill and try minute or two this weekend. Promised hubby I'd be 'sensible' and it sucks!!!

  • Oh it must be so frustrating... The brain and heart are willing but the knees are not. Best of luck with the patience, I'm feeling annoyed after 4 days not going out, but don't overdo it before you get results back! You will definitely still be able to get back into it when the knees are ready I am sure. Xx

  • Thanks for support, just patience I suppose. Glad to see you're better and few of the others I started with are close so good to see it can be done. Keep at it x

  • Yes, it's always wise to try a chiropractor or sports injury specialist as GPs don't have the in depth knowledge. Good advice - thank you.👍🏻

  • Yes poor GPs just can't have an in depth knowledge of everything can they, Jack of all trades but master of none I guess, but great for some good pain relief to deal with the pain inflicted by the chiro 😉

  • Wow - she sounds like your guardian angel! What a star.

  • She is pretty fab! I think it's as important to find someone you gel with as well, I've been through a couple of physios (Nhs and private) and an osteopath to get to her, I think you have to really trust them to be able to properly relax to get the best out of their manoeuvres. Just have to hope she doesn't move now!!

  • I found your story really heartening as I have had similar tale from my physio who also tried to adjust my pelvis. It has got a lot worse since then but hearing your story I feel there might be relief in sight! I al so feared plantar facilities and one physio said it was Tendoniitis but pelvic in balance seems far more likely.

    Keep us posted with your progress. Thanks

  • Fabulous news - and another reminder that we all need to work on our core, but who actually does?!

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