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Help - Calf tightness

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Hi all I am upto wk 5 r 3 next run however I should have done it tonight but delayed my usual 1 day rest to 2 .

After a weekend away and lots of walking my calfs feel so tight as I have done lots of steep incline walks and totalled just over 10 miles over the 2 days . I think I have used different parts of the lower leg with the climbs to my usual runs . I did stretch both days and again tonight . Feeling alittle disappointed as they feel like they did on wk 1 2 & 3 and I had been feeling my legs had improved 😩 .

Any advise greatly appreciated - do I run tomorrow after a stretch session ? I don't want to cause injury with such a significant run in the program ; or do I repeat wk 5 r 2 to test it ?

Thanks in advance πŸ€—

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I would highly reccomend investing in a foam roller. They do an amazing job!! You can pick them up quite cheaply in sports direct and TK Maxx which is where I bought mine. Use it often even on non running days just to iron out all the knots in your calfs. This along with proper stretching works wonders.

I used to have a painful hip due to an inflamed IT band (common in runners and can also cause pain in the knee) I bought my foam roller and ensured I used it especially after exercise. I would stretch my hips and quads and work the foam roller over front and back of legs top and bottom up the side of my thighs and glutes and now no more pain... at all!!

Wannabefit19Graduate in reply to togetherforever

Thankyou for that great advise . I will purchase one today and get using it regularly through the program πŸ‘


Stretches and rolling... I am over-cautious, as I am just off the IC after having a calf injury. If there is any significant tightness still, don't run on could just be the walking, hills etc, but a few days rest and self care will not do any harm.

The runs will still be there... a walk afterwards may well give you some indication of how you feel. ( No hills though)

Wannabefit19Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thankyou - I will take a further day then and warm up the calfs with a walk and do more stretches


I use these after every run, holding each for thirty seconds. For post run stretches the pull on the muscle group should feel mildly needs to be a strong stretch.

Wannabefit19Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks for these - really helpful


I do two different calf stretches post run, one of which that gets he gastroc.

It's on YouTube πŸ™‚

Wannabefit19Graduate in reply to misswobble



Only stretch when the muscles are warm & pliable, so I mainly stretch well after excercise, also find using a stat bike for a spin is good for loosening my calves.. as mine get tight a lot as well..

Wannabefit19Graduate in reply to davelinks

Will do walking or cycling tonight then stretch - cheers


I've been having issues with tight calves since hill training with my running group. Thought it was my Achilles, but think now it was my Soleus, as bent knee calf stretches have really helped:


Wannabefit19Graduate in reply to SueKen

Yes I get that it is at the top of the Achilles area - will try these out and hope to get back on track πŸ˜›


Thanks for all your support - first time I have asked for help and in true form you have all been great πŸ˜„

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