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W7R1 finally done

Went out yesterday in the high winds, was ok and into my stride until I turned round after Laura said I had been running for 12 and a half mins. The wind was just too strong for me. My thighs felt very heavy and my lungs were burning, I had to walk back home. Felt very down heartened for the rest of the day and kept kicking myself for walking. I was on such a high from W6r3.

I wAs determined to get there. I went out at 8 this morning, decided to ditch Laura and listen to my own music -I knew where my half way was. I timed my run after the initial walk and found I had done 27 mins!! Felt fantastic when I got home. So pleased I tried again. The best part of the run was a lovely warm shower after.

Good luck everyone

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Well done Webo, we all have bad days! the good days make up for it and you are nearly there!

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Thanks old_git. Nice to know it's not just me


Well done on completing the run. I am a strong believer in planning runs to avoid strong headwind - but I do live by the coast where it can be quite an issue. I always check forecast and actual wind and make sure that if I am running on the seafront the wind is either behind or across me.

It's also ok to run without Laura, I confess I stopped using her at W5R3 when I found it better to use an app that told me my distance and pace as well as time.

Good luck with the rest of the programme


Well done! Running into a headwind can be so hard!! But you proved that you can do it and do it well :)


I did that very run this morning and really struggled altho did manage to keep going somehow. No idea why it was so hard, bit of a headwind on the last bit but *shrugs*. Well done you for determination to succeed!!


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