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W6 Run 3 Smashed it!

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So after my epic fail with this run the other day I went back and did it again and this time I smashed it. 25 mins running yippee!

Confession time - I cheated a bit by choosing a route with a slight incline for the first ten mins followed by a very refreshing downhill section for most the the last 15 mins. At the top of the hill after 10 mins I was gasping but managed to recover without stopping by jogging the downhill section. This felt great but is it cheating???

Even if it is I enjoyed the feeling of running for 25 and now plan to stick with this route for week 7.

Thanks to all who left supportive messages when I did my epic fail post. Great to have your support.

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Well done longdistance, not cheating in my book, just strategic planning!! Have worked out my route similarly on the past.. whatever it takes to get the job done and sounds like you smashed it.

Word to the wise... as you will be aware from your previous post.... failure is the worst word to use on this forum, there are only practice runs, your previous “practice run” made you stronger and galvanised your resolve in getting the job done ✅

Onwards and upwards to week 7 for you, not long now and you will be graduating 👍🏃❤️

Thanks Tony. It felt like a fail when I had to stop and walk halfway round last time. But the support here was great and no more f words indeed. It was a learning run as I realised I went off too fast so I slowed it right down this time and managed to complete. Looking forward to week 7 now.

You didn't fail - that would involve stopping & calling a taxi - you carried on walking & completed the session.

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Well done - perseverence pays off!

You're not cheating in my book, it's just common sense. Why make things unintentionally harder for yourself? I do the same, as it increases my chance of completing a run.

Keep going, you're doing great :)

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Good run planning.

When I am deliberately heading out on a hill training run, I always plan for the steepest uphill gradients to come in the first half.

As the others say, strategic planning and common sense.........a thinking runner.

Well done, keep going.

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Made me chuckle, it's called using your noddle so well done and onwards and upwards

Well done... I 've completed my week 6 run 3 as well. The 1st run and second I really struggled I had to repeat and my 3rd run was much easier. LET'S GO TO FINISH LINE 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️💃💃💃💃

Cheating??? You did an incline!!! Well done!!

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