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Graduated today πŸ˜ƒ and want to keep going- but knees are really playing up!!

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So very pleased to say I graduated today and feeling really chuffed!

I really want to build on what I've achieved but just one thing getting in the way- my knees are so stiff and achey- not when I run but in between times especially going up and down stairs

A friend had recommended Glucosamine- has anyone else had the same issue and taken this to sort things?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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I too suffer with sore knees you could try KT tape helps support the knee when running or exercise there's loads websites show how to tape. I normally put a strip under kneecap and one either side up into lower thigh muscle. Good luck x

Thank you- will look into that!

Congratulations!!!!!! Great achievement :)

I started taking glucosamine, started a stetching regime and bought some new shoes after gait analysis. Not sure which one did the trick but all the aches and pains went away :) Hope you get lucky too. Your body has been dragged off the couch to running 30 minutes 3 times in a week (after weeks of training to get there) so you should expect to feel it a little :)

Maybe invest in a knee support too. Most importantly, take it steady now you have graduated and don't push yourself too hard. If it is painful (rather than an ache) then rest for a week or so before running again.

Good luck .......


Congrats on the graduation.

I currently have my right knee covered in kinesio tape on advice from a physio but that is to combat an imbalance. If you are having aches and stiffness after a full nine weeks it may be that you have to look at your footwear. It helped me greatly to get a shoe which was more natural (less of a 'drop' from heel to forefoot) after having my gait analysed by my physio.

A tubular support bandage on each knee (I got mine from Boots) should help alleviate the discomfort too.

Thanks for your help! They analyse your gait in our local Ascics shop and wondered what that was! I have running trainers but may look at getting some better ones and will certainly get on the glucosamine & look at some knee supports as really don't want to be put off from keeping going now


get your gait looked at and a new set of running shoes, if you haven't had it done already.

I was recommended glucosamine and tried it for months. All it did for me was upset my tummy. I stopped it and nothing got any worse. Ask your doctor what his view is.

Well done for graduating, you must be feeling brilliant. Is there a parkrun by you, that seems to be the usual next step. After that the world is your treadmill :)


Congratulations on graduating! Fantastic job! No advice on the knees though, any advice I would offer has already been posted by the others :-)


Woop Woop, congratulations πŸ‘πŸ‘you've only gone and done it!!! Great stuff, you must be feeling awesome.... Treat time?? πŸ˜‰


Congratulations Kate, graduation does feel very special, doesn't it? Very well done :)

With regard to your knees, I too had terrible knee difficulties almost from the start for the programme and, despite getting lovely new shoes after a very thorough gait analysis, I ended up having 2 months on the injury couch because I didn't address the problem soon enough. I was lucky to find a physio with a special interest in running, who sorted out the damage I'd done and gave me some quad strengthening exercises that stopped it recurring.

There are also knee exercises in the pinned posts on the right hand side of the screen. Basically, quad exercises are essential to painfree running.

My husband takes glucosamine and condroitin on the advice of the doctor who did his knee surgery and he reckons it does help his joints, but I have never bothered with it. His knee surgeon didn't rate knee braces because he felt they stop you developing the necessary muscle strength to support your knee properly. I did use Tubigrip bandages on my knees whilst doing c25k and they probably helped me to get through the programme, but may also have allowed me to run for longer (and do more damage) before I sorted out the root cause of the pain.

Sorry, this is a really long answer, but I wouldn't wish knee damage on my worst enemy. I'm not a doctor or a medical person and you may want to get some professional advice, but In your position, I'd have a week off running to give your knees a rest; I'd take Ibuprofen 3times a day to reduce any swelling in the joints, and I'd do the quad exercises 3 times a day, every day, for as long as you plan to go running. The only time I have knee twinges now is if I neglect the exercises for a couple of weeks.

Very very best of luck Kate. Congratulations again on your graduation, I'm toasting your success with a nice cup of tea :)


To add to all the other helpful things, if you've been running on hard surfaces, you may find more varied, softer surfaces kinder if you have that option... and perhaps running a little slower for a while, consolidating your achievement.

Incidentally, I find minimalist shoes much better than more 'supportive' shoes *especially* for my knees.


I'm a glucosime user. When I take it my joint pain goes away after a week or so. When I stop taking it then the pain eventually comes back. I do have the one with condroitin in it at the moment, but I just usually buy whichever is on best offer at the time I go shopping.


I am a newish runner in my late 50s (I started in January). I also get quite a lot of knee stiffness in the 24 or sometimes 48 hours after a run, and it's becoming more of an issue as the running distances build up. I have just bought new shoes (following a biomechanical analysis), which has helped a bit. The NHS knee exercises help a bit. Stretching helps a bit. I haven't tried supplements, or strapping. I think in my case it will get easier as I get stronger and fitter, I hope the same is true for you.

Thanks so much for all your advice, going to give them a rest for a few days, start on the supplements & see about maybe some new shoes!

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