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I'm going to keep it up this time!


56 yr old female. Ready to get myself fit..like I was in the old days . Not as easy as I thought it would be, but I'm determined.😁

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But you’ve made the first step, and all of us will be there every step of the way 👍🏻


You can do it! 54 year old here. I hadn’t run for 30 years before this. Take it slow and steady and you’ll be fine 😊

Well done, great decision. I'd never been a runner until I started one bank holiday Monday. Take it slow and easy, it's easier to keep going than get going again after an injury. This online community is great. Very helpful.


We all have you, and you can do this



It’s about perseverance and setting short and long term targets for yourself. If you are a goal orientated person like myself - use a calendar to mark off the runs and it should look more like mini goals. This should help you keep motivated, as you can see the evidence in front of you, plus as your fitness improves you would likely want to continue to achieve your goal. Also be realistic about what you achieve daily. It’s my second week run 1. I can see myself getting through week 2 as I’m taking it slowly but surely.

Remember your not on your own. I’ve found C25K forum group very supportive. Virtual claps and encouragement as we all want to succeed. Some have completed the programme and they graduated. If you read their posts this can show they had good and bad days. They have first hand experience of what their weeks were like, how they coped and what worked for them. Advise we as beginners can follow. Enjoy the programme riseandshine.

RiseandshineGraduate in reply to MVBrown

Thank you..as u say slowly and surely. Love the calender idea!


I'm a 52 year old and started this a couple of weeks ago. Just moved on to week 4 and find that I am actually enjoying and looking forward to my runs


Great your determination and the camaraderie on this forum will get you through and beyond...🙂🙂🙂


Hi Riseandshine. Good luck. It takes dedication but I think we’re following a process which will make it easier for us. Just stick with it three times a week and be a bit ruthless, if you can, with others who may try to take the time away from you. Make them understand how important it is for you (and them) that you keep yourself in trim! All the very best! :-)

RiseandshineGraduate in reply to Hidden

Great advice..thank you


Hey! Ditto 😊

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