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Week 7 run 2 much better (and even slower)

After my horrid run two days ago I was rather fearing this one, especially after a baddish night (hayfever) and all kinds of aches all over the place. But I was determined to do it today to earn the family feast we are invited to tonight. I made sure to go really slowly and now feel so much better than last time. The distance was even less (below 3 km) but I have new hope now that I can manage this. Now two days rest.

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Well done on getting back out there and not giving up! Enjoy the family dinner and the well deserved rest!


Thanks, I am sure I will. Have a nice weekend, too - with or without running!


Slow is the way to go, that way you can build up your ability to run. Well done and enjoy your feast !


Definitely! One can't say it often enough.


It is hard to get out again after a difficult run, but you did it. Well done! Slow and steady is the thing and the success feels good, doesn't it!

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Well done! I'm so slow it's untrue and I'm not sure I'm even managing 3km yet so don't worry!


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