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Week 7 Run 2... so much harder... why :(

Just completed W7R2 and found it so much harder, even though I have already run 25 minutes twice, so not sure why it was harder : (Found it harder to breath and like I had no energy within the first 5 minutes so even though I slowed down I had to really push through it.

Got home and found my blood pressure had dropped down to 125/85 which although it is good, mine normally has been high at 150/95,

So now need to shake my doubts off ..and get over my next run.

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Shake shake shake those doubts off and away!! You ran for 25 MINUTES??!! In my dreams that!! Well done.

Wonder if you're suffering for anything? Keep eye on that bp.

Put this run behind you and look forward to your next run - you're nearly there!

Ali :-)


Thanks Ali .. :)


Some runs are rubbish- but they are still better than not running at all! Could have been a number of things that caused it- dehydration, lack of sleep, not enough food, wind blowing in the wrong direction, coming down with a cold etc etc. Don't dwell on it too much, the next one will be better.


May be I cannot handle good weather... ran better in snow, wind ,ice and rain :)

Dehydration could be a key as could tiredness .. will keep an eye on them.



Some runs from the get-go seem to stink! No rhythm or reason! :-( Did you hydrate well before the run? Sometimes being dehydrated will cause BP issues. I also find eating a healthy carb like a banana about a 1/2 hour prior to running helps me with my energy level. I bet your next run will be great!! :-) Gayle


Wondering about dehydration... hadn't thought of it but due to the tablets I'm on it could be ... so need to make sure I drink more in the day before I go.

Thanks Gayle x


Whoa!! 25 minutes? I totally agree with AuntieAll: IN MY DREAMS!!

That's great buddy, I'm sure you'll get even better next time. It sometimes happens that stress and lack of enough sleep can bring you to get weary sooner than the other times.

You can do this!!


Thanks ... yes it did seem to be a weariness ... will change route I think too for next time ... and hopefully won't have to keep yelling at the cat that ran up to me every time I passed it to be stroked ;(


Keep on running amsjo! I had a bit of a slog today too, which was annoying as it looked such lovely weather for a nice run. But never mind, we were out there running. :)


I thought the nice weather would have helped too :( Oh well onwards and upwards, lets hope the next runs are good :)


you're doing so well - like the others say it could have been a 'rubbishy/struggle run' for a whole host of reasons, and the fact is that you finished it even though it was tough :-) keep up the good work and I am sure the next run will be better.


Thanks for all the good comments and support ... woken up brighter and more positive, so yes tomorrows run will be good :)

Will make sure I drink plenty before I go (non alcoholic of course!) and get back out there ... maybe try the bananergy ;)

Good runs to all.


Well done, running for 25 minutes is a real achievement when (if you're like me / most of us) running for 60 seconds in week 1 was a struggle! Some runs go better than others for no obvious reason, although taking care of the hydration and energy levels are important. I found the longer, non-interval runs from W7 onwards quite challenging until I got used to the concept!

As for your BP, 125/85 sounds good to me, much better than 150/95, but of course that must be seen in the context of age, medical conditions, medication etc. Maybe a visit to the GP or practice nurse would clarify this?

You are doing brilliantly and graduation's not far away.....! Happy running.


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