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Week 7 Run 2 - Hardest Run & Getting Slower

I knew it would be hard because I felt awful after a really long and stressful week at work, but it was bad.

I did complete it though and even ran for 1 min beyond the 25!

I've been running with my sister for the last 2 runs and I've been so much slower. I think I'll do w7r3 alone and see if I can pick up the pace. I ran 3.78km without walking which is a bit of a miracle within itself!

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I think you will naturally go slower because your body and mind are adjusting to the distance - you need the stamina to keep going. My speed definitely dropped and hasn't risen but Iam just plodding along happily! Good luck :)


Well done! I think the time is more important at the mo, concentrate on that. You can always work on speed when you graduate.

Keep it up!!!!!!!!!


Oh I am gald other people are slow - I dont think I went much further in my 25 minute run than I did in my 20 minutes one. At the moment theres no way I could do 5k in 30 minutes, I am a snail!


Me too, I'm definitely slowing down. I just did w6r3 and I'm having to slow down to make it through at that famous "steady pace"! It doesn't matter - what coounts is getting to the end of the 25 minutes without stopping and you managed that. Well done! As far as I'm concerned Laura will have to wait some time if she expects me to make a sprint finish!


I think slow is ok. I'm aiming just to get through the minutes with some kind of run rather than a walk, even if that run is pretty slow. I figure once I can run for the 30 mins 'comfortably' (a girl can dream) that's when I'll start thinking about speed and maybe, even *gasp* hills...


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