Wk 8 finished, I hurt :-(

Well I thought week 7 was tough but just done my last run for week 8 and tbh halfway through thought I wasn't going to finish. My legs are killing me! I'm sure this is probably normal and I know I'm whinging but that was one rough week! Not to mention had a bad week on the diet and have stuffed my face full of cake and other goodies. Hopefully next week both running and diet will go smoothly.

I hope everyone else is going great guns with their running and for those dieting hope you've had a great week and if like me you've fallen off the proverbial wagon, don't wait till Monday get straight back into it. Off to put my feet up and enjoy my parsnip chips :-)


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8 Replies

  • What you need is a nice hot bath. If you saw "The truth about your medicine cabinet" on the BBC last night, you will have seen that a nice hot bath is just the ticket after a good run. Forget deep heat or cold ointments, just fill a bath, add something suitably smelly and dive in.

    The programme is available on iPlayer if you're interested.

  • Didn't see the programme but must say that does sound great. I don't use any lotions/potions I just try to relieve the aches with good old stretches, but today everything still aches and done a lot of pre and post stretches. Thanks for the advice will go and fill the bath! That'll shock the kids ha ha

  • Well done for getting through it. Finishing a run when your legs, lungs and head are all screaming at you to stop is an achievement in itself. Hopefully it will even itself out in your next run. Good luck for week 9!

  • Thanks snufflegruff. My lungs weren't too bad but my legs really felt it today. Once I got halfway it was a case of if I stop i've got to run that 14 mins again so just keep going lol. Off for a hot bath :-)

  • Enjoy. I find a couple of glasses of wine also help!

  • Another good call. Save the wine for tomorrow night. Have a good weekend and enjoy ur wine

  • I ran wk8 r2 yesterday and have been finding wk8 surprisingly hard - it's only 3 mins longer than wk7 but it really seems grim. Am sure some is psychological.. what I try and do when I hit a really rough patch is think "do I have to stop right now, or can I run another couple of minutes?" rather than think "can I keep going for another 20 minutes?" It really helps me out.

  • I didn't find first 2 runs as bad as that last one it nearly done me in lol. The hot bath really helped with the aches and pains. I haven't attempted week 9 today as I'm not feeling "in the zone" but will definitely run it tomorrow. I know what you mean but you've only got a few more runs to graduation at the moment that is what's keeping me going. Also I've been running on the treadmill which helps as I can't just stop. Least week 9 is only 2 mins longer. Good luck with the rest of the programme and thanks for the advice.

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