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Week 8 reality bites

Having just completed run 1 of week 8 I got involved in a friendly football game with some middle aged friends and assorted offspring. No problem I thought I do a bit of running I should be more than ok. By the end of it I was shattered, red faced and aching all over. Next morning I awoke to a pulled hamstring and aching calf's and a swollen ankle. I am taking the rest of this week off and starting week 8 again next week. I now know couch to 5K might be great but it's not going to turn me in to an all round sportsman over night.

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Ha ha know what you mean. I am going to do Week 8 run 3 tomorrow - but fear i need another rest day - the body just doesn't recover like it used to.

But still, however we get there it will be a fabulous achievemnt


sorry 'Ha Ha' - was sympathy - its rotten luck to be injured particualry at week 8


All my own fault a little over exuberant trying to settle a few old scores from my teenage years.


Funnily enough our butcher was describing just this.. And he looks so FIT. I think it just goes to show how hard this running lark is.. So well done on your achievements.... Onwards and upwards :)


I totally sympathise as I woke up one morning after completing week 8 run 2 with horrible plantar fasciitis (and I hadn't been kicking a ball around). I am back up to week 8 run 1 after a few months off. I was totally fed up at the time but am now just glad to be back and hopefully nearly finished. I have come to the conclusion that in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter how long finishing the programme takes so long as I get there in the end.

Hope you recover soon - good luck. Beth


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