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Michael Johnson and I are finished!


Hi everyone, I must introduce myself to you officially as I have been reading, laughing and willing everyone on from the sidelines. I am not a keep fit person in the slightest, I break into a cold sweat if someone mentions the gym to me but running.... I always thought that it must be great to just run.

Well with youregards company, Michael Johnson (coach) and my son Joe at my side, here I am W7R3. All was going well, Michael told me that I had 5 mins left and I knew I had this, and then silence. I ran to the end of the lane, then up the hill ( sharp inclide), then down one side of the village still silence. I stopped and looked at my phone - the app had aborted 😲

When I checked my watch we'd actually run for 40 mins. I was tired, happy but sad that the app had failed. I shall forgive Michael, we've come a long way in our relationship and, it is Valentine's day after all!

Keep running everyone and THANK YOU ALL for your support it's addictive. I'm not promising to post often, but I shall be cheering everyone on.

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40 minutes😲ooh that's a big step up from 25. Make sure you take your rest day, those poor old muscles won't know what's hit them.

It's always lovely to hear someone who's just 'loving it'. (and that you've forgiven Michael)😉

CJ24Graduate in reply to McFitty

OMG, McFitty I am NOT worthy! I have been following you and countless others on this site. Sitting at my desk with a huge grin on my face - praying that the phone at the other end of the office doesn't ring! Definitely need that rest day. BIG THANKS for replying it's made my day 👍 x


Well done on those 40 minutes - Wowsers! You must have been really enjoying it because I must admit, I've just started W7 and can't wait for 'our Laura' to tell me to stop running :D ...xx


You may SAY that you're not a keep fit person in the slightest, but you ran for 40 minutes! I think you're a runner. :)

I had the same experience with the app, though I was smart enough (knackered enough!) to cotton on a bit quicker than you ;-) 40 minutes? Week 8 and 9 are going to be a doddle...


Wow look at your lovely responses thank you all so much. I've not posted anything more than an envelope before! Really encouraged.


Wow, well done indeed on your 40 minute run! As for the forum here, one thing I learned really quickly was just how amazingly supportive and kind everyone is, with a wicked sense of humour thrown in for good measure - happy running CJ24 :D

Well done. I did my C25K with Laura but feel tempted to download Michael Johnson just for the experience.


40 mins - pretty amazing! You'll waltz through the rest!


Trust me I neither look or feel amazing at the moment. I don't know how I managed to get around today without the assistance of a zimmer frame! Figured the NHS has enough issues at the moment 🤔

Michael Johnson is good-firm but fair I'd say ancientrunner. Let's see how I get on with weeks 8 and 9 - not counting any chickens, totally loving the journey, my mindset and you guys. You're ALL Awesome.

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