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Couch to 5K
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Week 1 complete

I'm so chuffed, I've done it!

I'm still buzzing 2 hours after completing my third run.

I would have to say, a good pair of gate analysed running shoes has been a very wise investment. A great team in my little local sports shop have been so helpful and encouraging along with all the very positive encouragement from this forum. You've all been great.

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Well done. W2 will be a breeze if you just continue to take it easy.


Brilliant! Well done for getting out there. Stick with the programme and week by week you will feel yourself getting fitter and stronger. Take at slowly at first; and remember the length of the walking rests is advisory - theres no point trying to run until youve got your breath back. Good luck!


A big well done!! Here's to week 2! :)


Well done to you ! Keep going and keep posting ! :-) xxx


Well done. One week down and eight to go...... if you enjoyed w1 you're going to love w2! :)


Well done :) you are on the right track now...the buzz you get will continue especially when you look back how far you've come over the next few weeks.

Keep going and keep posting :)


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