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Week 1 Complete!!


So I've completed week one and feel amazing!!

W1D1 - 21.07.18 - outdoors, early morning 9am-ish, the second half was uphill, obvs didn't plan my route well 🤣

W1D2 - 24.07.18 - 6pm, at the gym on a treadmill. Walk 4.5kmh and jog 6kmh

W1D3 - 26.07.18 - 6pm, at the gym on a treadmill. Walk 4.5kmh and jog 6kmh

So my c25k days will stay as Sat, Tues and Thurs. The evening sessions have been a great stress relief after work and I can't wait to start week 2 😊

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Well done. Feels great once you complete the first week. Keep it up


Good job. Seems like you’re loving it and well on the way to being a runner.


Excellent! You’re hooked already, aren’t you?!

Well done. If you can keep a bit of hill work in you will see the benefits. Many people avoid them for as long as possible, or longer 😄, but doing them will help you get stronger. Oh, and have the treadmill on at least 1% to mimic outdoor terrain. You are doing really well and are on the way to a brilliant addiction 😀.

Have you seen this long post of advice for new starters? It's good (but long)


Thank you!! I meant to add that in about the incline on the treadmill, I always put it at 1% 😊

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