Sounds of Silence…....Sue’s running version!

Sounds of Silence…....Sue’s running version!

Hello roller, my old friend,

I’ve come to use you once again,

Because IT band pain softly creeping,

Left its mark while I was sleeping,

And the thought that was planted in my brain,

Is there again

When will I be running?

In restless dreams I walk alone,

As running I must disown,

For a while until it heals,

My foam roller, oh how it appeals,

Despite the pain it does give, it will be healing,

Sad I am feeling

When will I be running?

And in my daydreams I saw,

Hundreds of runners, maybe more,

Runners running without pain,

Runners running in the rain,

Runners running without a care in the world,

While I’m here curled

When will I be running?

“Run” said I, “You do not know,

When injury causes you to slow,

Hear my words that I might teach you,

Use your roller to help treat you”

And when you do, you will be so pleased,

As pain is eased

Then back to running!

Yep, self-diagnosis is ITBS, not chronic but nagging, so my new BFF is my foam roller to try and sort it out. Yep, its painful to use but I know it will help ease it so I must just be patient for a while….. :O

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone and happy running!

Sue :)


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28 Replies

  • Well Sue there is a name for people who enjoy using those cylindrical green tools of torture!

    I have used one before but our stretch workshop on Friday was a lot of said torture instrument use. ITS NOT PLEASURABLE, :) they do however make for some entertainment when in a class of about twenty people when you listen to the groans and moans around about and giggle while you join in with your own rendition of pained expression.

    If these tools of torture work as well as I know they do at ironing out the creases in muscles, tendons and ligaments why oh why has someone not brought out a smaller version to iron out facial wrinkles mmmm?

    Do hope your ITBS settles down very soon and your able to get back out running.

  • Thanks Liz! Yes, certainly a torture instrument and lots of moans and groans this morning when I used it but I'm hoping that means it was hitting the spot and will sort it out!! ;) Mine is a blue tool of torture....a bit like the air when I used it! :D

    Loving the idea of a small one for wrinkles - that would certainly be a best seller!


  • The green ones at the gym feel so cuddlesome, huh, good disguise cos they turn into the evil torture instruments. I think they bought green ones for the gym so that our pained expressions would match and we would be colour co-ordinated :) On a serious note, I hope you get relief soon and it works, don't worry about the blue air, it happens!!

  • So funny!! Different colours of torture to match how we feel.....

    Thanks Liz, I'm sure I will get relief soon :)

  • Oh, I just love your version of that song - wonderful ! Creative genius drawn from pain ;-)

    I'm thinking of giving my instrument of torture another go - I think my calves would benefit from it. I hope your ITBS pain eases soon

  • Not an easy song to sing Hazel but for some reason that first line popped into my head when I dusted it off this morning and it sort of grew from there! :)

    Thanks for your kind words and yes give it a go, it really hits the spot!


  • Very good! The song that is, not the fact you have ITBS!

  • :D :D I know what you mean Ros! ;) Cheers!

  • Brilliant song! I hope it eases and you're back running soon.

    When I saw the title of your post I thought you had the same problem I had last Sunday. Set off out for the run, took my iPod for the first time for ages, Freddie did the slow warm up for 'Don't stop me now' and I started running as the song got going, about 10 paces in, silence! No not a dead battery, a cheap pair of earphones finally gave up!

  • :D Time for some new earphones me thinks! ;)

    Thanks for your kind words!

  • Hope the roller does the trick and you feel better soon. Great song too! :-)

  • Cheers Linda! I'm sure it will help no better had, I have runs to do!! ;)


  • Brilliantly re-written version of the song. But sorry to hear you're suffering with ITB pain/injury.

    This rung so true for me too at the moment:

    "And in my daydreams I saw,

    Hundreds of runners, maybe more,

    Runners running without pain,

    Runners running in the rain,

    Runners running without a care in the world,

    While I’m here curled

    When will I be running?"

    especially "Runners running without pain, Runners running in the rain, Runners running without a care in the world,"

    Sigh, I want to get back to that as soon as possible.

  • I thought of you when I was writing it actually Sheila! Another one to join you waiting patiently to get out there again..... :(

    I was fine when I ran 10k yesterday so yes, a big sigh here too, curled on the couch....


  • Hi Sue great blog/song! I've got 'Mrs.Robinson' in my head now as 'graduation' is getting nearer!!

    I'd be lost now without my foam roller, wish I'd got it ages ago, I merely thought it was just a gadget I didn't need. It makes so much difference. Hope you get sorted soon,



  • Oh yes Susie, how apt!! :D I await your new lyrics to that song when you graduate! ;)

    I have only used it once before and not for anything serious but it really hit the spot when I used it this morning causing lots of groans so I know it will help....


  • Ha ha, you've got me thinking now about lyrics!

    It's true it is painful and you want to chuck it away, but after a few 'rolls' you will feel the difference. it really does hurt a bit less each time. I find it quite addictive now when rolling my quads and watching TV! The IT band hurts most apparently, but again mine is nowhere near as painful as when I first started rolling it.

    Happy rolling :)

    Oh a link that may be useful for you although aimed at cyclists, it's the same process.

  • Thanks for the link Susie.

    Rolling and watching TV, hmmm, didnt think of that, will give it a go! Rollin', rollin', rollin'...rawhide!! Yee haw!! :)

  • You are a rock!

  • What can I say?! :)

  • How about telling me I am an island? :)

  • Hahaha!! Sorry, I was still half asleep when I replied to you!! :D

  • In fact, I'm still half asleep, here at my desk zzzzzzzzzz! ;)

  • Lovely song Sue but sorry you're on the injury bench :-( I haven't tried a foam roller but can highly recommend tennis ball/baseball much in the same way. Hope you heal soon!

  • Thank you! :) Yes, I have heard the balls are good too for getting rid of the knots. The roller is doing the trick though; I am already feeling the benefit!


  • Eat your heart out S&G! A great effort with a classic song Sue. Sorry to hear about the ITBS. Sounds dreadful. Hope you can get that sorted and get running again soon. James

  • Thanks James; its just a niggle but want to catch it before it gets worse....I'm already feeling the benefit of the torture tool! :O

  • Hope it feels better soon. Not running is such a bore, isn't it!

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